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October 24, 2007



I think all actors/actresses have taken on at least one iffy role in their career. Even Halle (remember BAPS lol).

Or like Eddie Murphy, did he HAVE to make Pluto Nash?

Sometimes a role may look good/humorous on paper but doesn't translate well to the screen cuz it ain't as funny as they thought or the actor/actress just isn't capable of executing it well.

Some just take a chance & hope it generates a cult type following (i.e. Napolean Dynamite). but I'm sure they regret it when it's a stink bomb.

But in the end I say the blame lies with the actor for choosing the role & if the money they might get is worth losing loyal fans who may have seen a flick just cuz that person was in it.


I guess the root of it all is that there are few offerings. LOL BAPs. I'd forgotten about Halle Berry in BAPs. Pretty terrible flick, huh?


At 55,said to look 35-40,bald but classically handsome,built like a bulldogger,i.e.,steer-wrestler,
the event invented by pioneering African-American
cowboy legend William Pickett(five-nine,214 lb.,
47'' chest,50'' expanded,18.5'' biceps),I'm regarded
as MUCH better-looking than Denzel.

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