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November 27, 2007



I have the magazine but haven't read the article yet, will return to comment further when I do. But had to throw in a friend who read it told me they stated the only female leading lady on tv these days is ... New York from I Love New York???!!! How said is THAT!

I think these are all great, underrated actresses who are probably fighting each other for the same 2 AA roles Hollyweird allows each year.

Unfortunately, we are not running Hollywood so who knows if things will ever change.


@ Kimi

Yes. That was kinda funny :); that thing about New York being the only AA woman with her own show. I'd never thought of that. Lawd. Lawd. Lawd. Who knows, Kimi. It's sad.


The only annoying thing abt living in England is waiting for the mags with exclusives like this to come ashore!! sounds like a great read.

I think out of the 3, Nia Long is the most interesting and captivating actress. Regina King could have gone far too.


@ Aulelia

Awwwwhh. This article may be online on Essence's website. I'm not sure about that. If you're really interested in it, send me an e-mail and I'll PDF it to you.

I think I agree with you but before I say for sure, I need to watch all their work more closely.


@TheBlackActor.com -- thanks for the offer! I think the ''new'' (by UK terms LOL) issue of Essence has hit the newsagents so i will go and have a look.


I know that this is about Black Actresses and I definitely agree that Black Actresses don't get a chance to shine as much as White ones .

I have a friend who is Asian American and she said that at least they GET roles. I would have to agree I mean how many Asian AMERICAN actresses do we know besides Lucy Lui? I think that Women of Color in general have a hard time in Hollywood. I mean look at Keira Knightly and Paramindar( SP?) both had their breakthrough in Bend it Like Beckham and look at the two of them today. I mean ER is not a bad stint , but still.

So in terms of Women of Color I do think that Black women have it slightly better than Asian AMERICAN Women.


@ Nikki

Oh, definitely, without a doubt -- black actresses definitely have it better than Asian actors and actresses. They're pretty much invisible in American cinema.

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