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December 04, 2007



Black Actor - who is Lisa Arindell Anderson?


I really love this list you are doing because you really break down the struggles black actresses have. i actually think black women can achieve when they reach their 30s this is probably the most productive time in their careers. They are not too young to be ignored by Hollywood because they think they cannot reach the youth demographic. They are also not too old for Hollywood to think they cannot reach a black demographic.

What about Sophie Okonedo she was born 1969 so she's 38 she got an Oscar Nomination a few years back? And she also got a Golden Globe nomination as well I believe for the Tsuami movie. Is this chart just about black Americans? Because I feel we are all in the struggle together and Sophie Okonedo should be on your list.

Hello, where is Naomie Harris? Naomie should be close to the top of your list! I do see your point about the lack of recognition though in terms of Oscars, SAG Awards ect. What about Chandra Wilson the black woman from Grey's Anatomy she won a SAG this year and she's only 37? Although I think Chandra's character on Grey's Anatomy is the stereotypical mammy all loving and nurturing but no love life.

Naomie Harris is a sex symbol let me explain. Yeah, I'm gay but I can tell a hot woman when I see one. Naomie is gorgeous she definitely has the potential to become a big star. Naomie is British so she can work in European or American films. Naomie is only 31 she's on the other side of 35 so I believe there is a lot of hope for Naomie because she's still young.

I know Naomie is not American she's a black British woman but she should be on that list. Naomie I feel is going to be a huge star she's only 31 and age is important she keeps on getting bigger and bigger film roles she is beautiful and has range. Naomie has shown great range from being in the Science Fiction movie 28 days later, to Priates of the Caribbean 2&3, and she was in Miami Vice. And Naomie did NOT do the sex scene with Jamie Foxx she used a body double. Also, wanted to point out that Naomie has a very high profile movie coming out next year called "August" with Josh Hartnett.
I definitely see your point and its true its hard for black women in Hollywood. However, I do believe that is obvious once a black actress reaches her 30s this is perhaps the most productive time of her career. Sanaa Lathan, Gabrielle Union, Nia Long, are doing very well. Kerry Washington is the one I am really watching because she's just 30 and she's getting bigger roles all the time. I believe Naomie and Kerry are the ones to watch.
But you are right overall in your analysis its true its very hard for black women in Hollywood. The bottom line is we the black consumers we have to be demanding more. Here is an article I wrote earlier this year for the New Zealand Herald called "Shades of Blackface". It was about the film "A Mighty Heart" and the blackface controversy. I decided to take action. Nobody in the USA wanted to publish my article so I went to a foreign publisher.In Canada I followed up with another article "Is White The New Black?" that was published in the Georgia Straight.




Corrections Julianne Moore is 45 she is over the age of 40 she was born in 1962. But I do get your point though.


@ Orville

Oops. screwed up. She's 47. Thanks for pointing this out. I'll have to go in and fix it.

Orville, I'm a bit pressed for time and didn't read all of your longer post. You talk about Sophie Okonedo. Actually, it occurred to me to place her on the list. But I didn't cuz I consider her -- or thought she was a "British" actress. Yeah, Thandie is too but she does a lot of American films... it's too much to go into here. I like Sophie and will be highlighting her on the site. But yes, I am generally talking about American performers or other performers who work in Hollywood productions. Be back later.


And the lot of the "other" list collectively doesn't have the acting chops of one Angela Bassett on a bad day.


@ IW

Now that's a whole nother post! LOL


F*ck them honkies!!! Stop looking to them for accolades. "Top Celebrity! Top Celebrity! Top Celebrity! Bing!" Its all a joke. Its not on talent anymore. Come'on, Halle won for being a white man's whore. Scrap that!

I follow and support actors which please me, It doesn't matter whether they have won awards.

Vondie Curtis-Hall is the best director out now. Is he getting any love, by the Black family?

Is Samuel Jackson really that good, or has he been forced down our throats? And why hasn't Tamiak from The Last Dragon gotten any roles?

Award shows are a scam and we really shouldn't fall into the trap.


LOL @ RubySpirit.

Yes. I agree with much of what you've said. :)


This post made me think of a question I have been asking myself for years...

Why does the Oscars (which is a bunch of crap anyway) have a category for "Best Female Actor" and "Best Male Actor"? What is the true difference between a female and male actor anyway? Were the categories so defined because the roles that women an men had access to were that different, as if women could never demonstrate their acting skill in competition with men and therefore cannot be compared with each other? In my opinion, Charlize Theron's role in Monster was way deeper and challenging than anything I've ever seen a man try to do (except for maybe My Left Foot), black vs white notwithstanding. I cant help but believe that the fact that we divide actors up this way means a lot...

Also, I just finished reading a Hattie McDaniel biography that you may enjoy - a lot of great insights on the beginnings of Hollywood and what it meant to be black AND female in that environment.


@ Thembi

Thank you re Hattie McDaniel. I'd love to read that. They are a bunch of crap aren't they? LOL. Yup. Your insight on the male / female thing is some food for thought, too.


@ Keisha
U know I agree with you on the fact that some scripts//.actors are BAD..
But that’s something that can be changed..
There’s heaps of excellent Script writers//.producers//.directors with fresh ideas out there,
who just NEED a chance!
[what’s gonna happen when all these amazing, old directors//.actors die?]
Quitting is never an option..
It’s time we changed the concept of movies
Black movies are always bout gang violence//.hatred and so on
HEY, we have other things that we do that is FUN + Cool..
Why not write about that..
I say we need to do it ourselves
Like in Bollywood..
Yea it might take time till something major happens
But, its worth it for the up and coming generation
..maybe we should start with a FRIGGEN series//.reality show [not a sitcom] that is strictly black


@ Orville
u killed that article on straight.com!
what the heck? couldn't have said it any better!
that's why young black females dont have any rolese!
cos all of a sudden,
we now have tanning booths/wigs to make white chicks look like us!
POINT bro..
well done, looking forward to ur work man


we need to support our black actresses and our black movies. Not movies made by white people with black people in it (i.e. soul plane) otherwise there will be no more representations of us on film. it'll be "Dances with wolves" every friday

hugues mentor

I'm late for this, but i don't know how anyone can dare compare cate Blanchett to Sanna Lathan. Sanaa is beautiful and that is it. I'm Black and, while i understand the need to recognize our black actresses, i have to admit that the ones on the list are not worthy of any type of awards. Except, of course, for Thandie newton. And yes, i agree that drewberry More, reese Witherspoon, Gwenyth Paltrow and Lindsey Lohan have no talent, but that doesn't mean their black counterparts should have Oscars; instead, it means that, like Queen Latifah, gabrielle Union,Regina King, they do not have any merit for an oscar.


@ Hugues - I just hope that these actresses and others would at least have opportunities. If they suck, fair enough, but they should at least have opportunities. :(


What is up with the movies these days. I am so tired of seeing black men with every other women than black in movies, tv shows, etc. Is President Obama the only one who is representing or what, and his mother isn't even black. Society does not want to see black familys on tv, however they know black men sale more than black women so to elimanate the black women they put in a white women or some other race. It is inequality and I wish more peoople would see this. Black women are just as pretty and just a talented to play doctors, sluts, law enforcements, scientist, teachers, wonderful wife and mother roles as any other women. Its time black women speak up. cause best believe if the shoe was on the other foot your white sister would sure nuff speak up.

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