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December 28, 2007


johnny wishbone

well, all i can say is that spike was a bad writer for women to begin with and he then used bad actresses to portray these characters. I don't know for sure of course because one is his sister but i met two of the others and i have to believe the only reason they were in those films is because they slept with somebody who knows somebody. Tracy was in new jack city as the girl who comes between g-money and nino and cynda was in a pretty good movie called caught up with bokeem woodbine. Theresa has been in both bad boys movies and joie.. seriously shes the Lee version of Kim wayans. THank GOD she's the director/writer/producers sister otherwise she would be working in a slaughterhouse somehwere.


LOL @ Johnny Wishbone! The only one on this list who's career should have gone farther imho is Theresa Randle. She was also good in Sugar Hill w/Wesley Snipes years ago.

I also liked Cynda in Caught Up.

Nepotism kept Joie Lee working & involved in her brother's flicks.

It's funny that you don't remember Tracy Camilla Johns in "She's gotta have it" since she was the star of it LOL!!!! But that speaks volumes.


LMAO @ Johnny

... slaughterhouse ... LOL. You crazy, J. Tee hee hee. You know she would. LOL

@ Kimi

"Nepotism kept Joie Lee working & involved in her brother's flicks."


Yeah, Kimi; she was the star. LMAO

Happy Friday y'all.


@ Kimi

I didn't read that right. I remember Tracy from the movie but don't remember what she did or if she did it well. I saw the pic a hundred years ago.

I ain't eat nuthin' yet. Ima do that now so I can read right. LOL

Mes Deux Cents

Hi The Black Actor,

Tracy Camilla Johns was in New Jack City, she played the part of "Uniqua".

I've seen Cynda in lots of small roles. The most notable thing I saw her in was "One False Move", which was a pretty weird but good film.

Also Teresa Randle was in a movie with Wesley Snipes, "Sugarhill". She played his girlfriend.

And Joie, well she's Spikes sister, that's all I can say about her. Lol



Cynda Williams was in "Introducing Dorothy Danridge" in 1999. Teresa Randle is the one with the most talent and Teresa is STILL acting. I do agree that the rumour is that Spike Lee sometimes "slept" with certain women and that's how they got parts in his movies. I also heard that Halle Berry was "dating" Spike Lee and that's how she got her part in Jungle Fever. Lee wanted Halle to take the Veronica Webb role but she said no. Halle wanted the crack addict role Vivian in the film. There has been rumours going around for years that the way "certain" actresses got their parts in Spike Lee's movies was to "sleep" with him. I wonder why the media haven't covered this yet?

johnny wishbone

uh.. i remember tracy.. met her and would have dated her if my gf @ the time didn't wake me up.. thats why i decided to stay mum.. lol

LaJane Galt

joie.. seriously shes the Lee version of Kim wayans.

This made me laugh!!!

OT - Spike Lee and Tonya have a children's book called Please, Puppy, Please. I read it to my cuz. Yes, it reads like it sounds.

I could imagine the dolly shot in the movie and dogs barking out racial epithets.


LaJane you are a fool for that one--lol!!!!

Spike was a bit of a horn dog, trust me on that. I when I say "bit", I mean HUGE.


Your parallel with Kim Wayans is false. Kim Wayans is a funny actor. She is a talented comedic actor. Spike's sister is, like mentioned above, is Spike's sister. By all means necessary, put her down.

Co-Signed: I can't stand theresa randle. Seeing her and/or gabrielle union makes me fisicly ill.

johnny wishbone

kim wayans is talented? interesting. WRONG.. but interesting


The last movie I've seen Cynda in was "Caught Up" (I think that's the name, too lazy to google) with another horrible actor Bookeem Woodbine. It was officially a wrap for both of them after that fiasco.


Well, if you think all of their performances were bad, isn't it a good thing they never got anywhere?


Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Cynda in "The Wedding" with Halle? She had a good little run playing Ms. Berry's older sister in films. And she was in "One False Move" w/ Billy Bob Thornton--whom she married and divorced.


@ Still-N-Sag

Yup. You are correct. When I was preparing this post I learned she was married to Billy Bob Thornton. I didn't know that!

L. McGrew

OMG!! While everyone is downing all the black actresses for not being as talented as maybe the posters, at least they have put forth some effort. Joie is in Spike's movies because he always looks out for his sister, but know she is a talented writer. She wrote and produced the movie "CROOKLYN". I think she is greatly talented!!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, L. McGrew!

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