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December 03, 2007



WOW that's an eye opener re: Saana. It seems like she's been in more flicks that two over the last four years! Which is sad cuz I think she's a very good actress.

Nia ... haven't seen much of her, true.

Gabrielle has been working steadily lately, & has a Christmas movie coming out soon.

Wow is all I can say.


@ Kimi

Yes; it was definitely an eye-opener for me, too!!

LaJane Galt

I wonder how many roles Thandie has swept from her (not knockin' Thandie, you know they compete for the same stuff).

Or it could be the Halle effect.


@ La Jane

You know what? I never thought about WHO might be taking her roles. Girl, you right. Thandie is! :) For real. I think so. LOL [Er, LaJane is a girl, right? Don't wanna be presumptious. :)]


Remember Sanaa also says she is very fastidious about her film roles. Sanaa says she won't do just "anything" for the money. I think Sanaa is really thinking clearly about her career. Notice Sanaa doesn't do stereotypical stuff. Sanaa I believe is closing in on becoming a superstar. I really believe it will happen.

Gabrielle Union has gotten two lead roles this year but NOBODY is talking about a movie I want to see released called Neo Ned. Now the clips I have seen of Neo Ned are incredible. Go to www.neoned.com in this movie Gabrielle plays a black woman that believes Hitler's soul is trapped in her body. The movie is an interracial love story with a Neo Nazi white man but the critics love the movie. So why hasn't Neo Ned been released? I kind of wish Gabrielle can move from the typecasting roles she gets. But I also realize Gabrielle is a working actress and she has to pay the bills.

I believe Sanaa Lathan is also a "leading" black actress along with Gabrielle. Sanaa is smart in her movies she is the leading lady. Sanaa is currently filming a small indie film called "A Wonderful World" once again Sanaa is the female lead. Sanaa doesn't want to be second to ANYBODY in her movies and I don't blame her. Sanaa actually has done some TV work you have forgotten. According to the media reports I have read the TV movie "A Raisin In The Sun" which will be released in a few months in incredible! Also Sanaa was on the FX program Nip/Tuck last year. So Sanaa has done some TV in between films.

I know some people will disagree with me so let me explain. Sanaa has done Science Fiction Alien Vs Predator that movie grossed over $171 million dollars worldwide.


I am not so sure Thandie is doing as well as people say. Yes, Thandie had a breakthrough with Crash I believe she deserved an Oscar nomination. I think it was a crime she wasn't nominated although she did win the British BAFTA award. However, remember Thandie was also in the very stereotypical Eddie Murphy movie "Norbit". Thandie's got it just as hard as the other black women in Hollywood. I keep on wondering when is Thandie going to get that big major role?


As for Thandie, I believe her day is coming. As for Sanaa; I know she said she is choosing wisely. But two film roles in four years. I think it's prolly a combination of choice and offerings. I know one thing, beautiful as she is, she ain't no spring chicken by Hollywood standards. Even white actresses see good roles diminishing at age 40. I hope Sanaa has a chance to shine in her upcoming role. Believe me, Orville; I'm the last one who believes she should accept crap. But two films in four years means something ain't workin' (besides her, no pun intended); her people are not getting her scripts, she is turning down maybe good roles, other actresses are beating her out at auditions, blah blah blah.


I think we do got a point about taking roles. You are right Sanaa is 36 I really hope she can get a big role again soon. I pray for the day that black women can get the big roles and not just Halle Berry. I have nothing against Berry I just want to see other black women shine on the silver screen. Sanaa is now 36 she's got to strike the iron while its hot. I am really hoping Sanaa can have another breakthrough role like Love and Basketball. I think "Out of Time" and especially "Alien Vs Predator" were important mainstream roles for Sanaa. I know AVP people think its a corny Science Fiction movie. I was happy to see a black woman in a lead in a Science Fiction movie and NOT DIE and survive in the end! AVP made over $171 million. I don't understand why Sanaa wasn't asked to be the star of AVP2? Sanaa said she signed a contract to be in the second movie? Maybe there was a dispute over pay? Or maybe Sanaa just didn't want to do it? I can't imagine why though? I mean AVP brought Sanaa to a new mainstream audience and it was nice to see a black woman as the star. Currently Sanaa is filming an indie film called "A Wonderful World". Her character Khadi is an African woman that falls in love with a white man. Yeah I know Sanaa's last three movies she's had white male love interests but its work.


I think it goes back to what was being said back when Sanaa made "Something New"...we have to make our own movies and then we will have roles. So what if you can't get 2000 theaters, get what you can and when they see that these films are wanted...we will get them. Money talks, so they say! And I know films cost money but there are more than enough black actors that can pool thier money to make a good movie.

We have a lot of star power we just need to focus it on all aspects of film making. Directing, producing etc... And just because we make our own does not mean that we have to exclude others.

Thats just my humble opinion. Am I being dilusional?



Stacey makes an excellent point I think more cooperation needs to take place between black actors. I know Tyler Perry isn't "perfect" but he is making movies that do reach a black middle class audience. Perry's last two movies were better then the first two. "This Christmas" is doing very well at the box office the budget was only $13 million yet the movie is making a lot of money. This Christmas is only on 1858 screens. We do have to support black films but I also want to see variety with black films. When are we going to see black women in a drama besides Halle Berry? When are we going to see black women in a detective movie or spy movie as the lead? I feel like the thirtysomething black women have been segregated in these romantic comedies. Of course black women need to work but I feel the onus is on the black screenwriters, directors, producers, the Hollywood executives to expand a bit. Stop following the forumla and think blacks just want to see comedies its not true. I am tired of waiting until the end of the year to see quality black films. Why can't I see quality black films 365 days of the year? Rant over.


@ Stacey

No. I think not.

I agree with your opinion.

@ Orville

Rant. Rant. Please rant. :)

"Of course black women need to work but I feel the onus is on the black screenwriters, directors, producers, the Hollywood executives to expand a bit."



To be honest, Sanaa is not appealing to the Black family. She's gives off a snobby attitude.

I'm surprise she's gotten any work. She would do well to do her own projects.

Gabrielle is pretty, but she is not a great actress.

Nia Log is give or take. I don't seek out her films, and might not see one for months after it comes out.


Rubyspirit I have a question why do you think Sanaa has a snobby atttiude? I'm just inquiring? Is it because Sanaa has a Masters in Acting from Yale? Remember Sanaa knows the business her father is a successful producer and director. So Sanaa has a history she knows Hollywood. Maybe Sanaa is picky in her film choices because she really wants to be a "respected" actress.

Have you seen the clips for Neo Ned?
Go to www.neoned.com or youtube because Gabrielle gives the performance of her career. Neo Ned still has no distribution even though its a shocking and controversial film. Neo Ned is about a black woman that believes Hitler's ghost is in her body and she falls in love with a white male Neo Nazi. Its a shocking film but powerful.

Again, Nia Long has been in the game since she was a teenager. Nia was very good in Boiler Room that was a drama. Nia is doing the best she can. Honestly, I believe Sanaa when she says its hard to find quality work. Sanaa doesn't want to be in some hip hop or urban comedy. Sanaa is a serious actress. I don't think the public realizes how hard black women have it in Hollywood. I am not making an excuse for Gabrielle, Nia, or Sanaa's film choices. I'm just saying they got it rough and the thing is they are the lucky ones because at least they work and make money.


It very tough for Black actresses who don't want stereotypical roles. Sanaa's character Michelle ( Dr. Troy's love interest on Season 4) was so villified by the show's bloggers, the producers act as if she was never part of the show. One of the bloggers threatented to shut their blog down if the character was not dropped. They are still even in season 5, arguing about "Michelle" which some attribute to racism. It's sad most black people are so unaware of what
happened with this. Showing how classy she is , Sanaa has never commented on it.

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