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December 19, 2007



Maybe not necessarily better roles, just more opportunities in general. Demi Moore for example, it's been awhile since she's made a good flick, but she keeps getting opportunities. & I remember when she made that Charlies Angels crap movie at the time she was the highest paid actress in Hollyweird.

Very interesting ... & folks wonder why African-Americans need to have our own magazines and awards shows. If we didn't, we'd never get any props!

johnny wishbone

i have two words when discussing the obvious disparity (word check) in work for black and white actors/actresses. nicole kidman. this woman has been involved in more flops than vlade divac and yet is allowed .. nay ASKED to headline more movies than anyone in the history of hollywood. i think i can stop right here and my point will be made so...


@ Kimi - sometimes others complain if we have our own mags, news shows and other media outlets. I wholeheartedly agree. We have to have our own. The others won't cover our stories like they pose to.

@ Johnny

LOL. It's interesting how Hollywood "favors" some. They can do no wrong. They can bomb at the box office and Hollywood keepsa a callin'. You are so right!


What about "America's Sweetheart", Julia Roberts as well? I find it interesting that in between "Pretty Woman"/"Sleeping With The Enemy" and "My Best Friend's Wedding", she was box-office poison (to use an old Hollywood phrase), but those years have been magically erased by the media.


Halle Berry 6? Seems like 20. Robin Givins 5? Seems like zero. To think that both of them have made the same amount of films in 5 years...


@ Iw

I know... right??!!


I like this chart it really demonstrates how hard black women have it in Hollywood. Even the white actresses also complain saying once they reach their 40s the roles dry up. Yet the screenwriters hardly ever think about black women.

Vivica may have been in 13 movies but how many of them were high profile? And how
many of those films were straight to DVD?
The quality of Vivica's movie roles is the question I think about. Vivica sadly has fallen into stereotypical territory. Vivica isn't the mammy in her films but she tends to be the loud mouth or the aggressive black woman stereotype. I wish Vivica could show a more softer side to her acting?

Halle Berry I don't feel sorry for her because Berry is the number one black actress in Hollywood. Nobody told Berry to make Catwoman or Perfect Stranger. I don't know what Halle was thinking with those choices.

But Nicole Kidman that woman is the Botox Queen and the bomb Queen of Hollywood. I don't know why Kidman gets between $10 to $15 million she doesn't deserve it. So many of Kidman's movies have bombed.

Vivica reminds me of Terrance Howard she just cares about making money. And I guess in a way there is nothing wrong with that she wants to be comfortable. I kind of wish Vivica would get more good roles like her performance on Curb Your Enthusiasm. I think Vivica needs to show another side to her acting. Is Vivica ever going to get that Whitney Houston film made or what?


We have to have our own. The others won't cover our stories like they pose to.

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