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December 18, 2007



I have seen Rosario's work she was in the movie "Rent" two years ago. And according to comments I've heard people consider her "black" although from the interviews I've read about Rosario she never calls herself "black". Again, its Rosario's personal decision I guess because race is such an explosive issue in the United States.

Rosario Dawson is an interesting story on my board someone said that Halle Berry plays with race. I guess from a professional standpoint Rosario doesn't want to just "identify" with being called "black" because perhaps her agent told her that's limiting? Rosario always calls herself a "Latina" even though its obvious and clear she has black heritage.
I think from a business standpoint perhaps Rosario, her managers and agents are just being shrewd? They figure, why limit Rosario's work? If she calls herself "Latina" she can obtain more film roles?

Cameron Diaz is a perfect example of this. Diaz father is a Cuban. However, the press never refer to Diaz as a "Cuban American" she's just thought of as another white actress. And perhaps that is correct? At the end of the day Diaz looks like any other white actress.

My opinion is Rosario does the exact same thing. I believe Rosario's mother is black I've seen pictures of her. Now I am not American so this whole "Latino" issue is very political. As an outsider looking in this is my perspective. "Latin" refers to "culture" and not "race" although the USA census has classified "Latinos" as a racial group to me this makes no sense. For instance, Christna Aguilera and Andy Garcia are white Latinos. Zoe Saldana I consider her a black American but her "culture" is Latino due to her parents being from the Dominican Republic. Pedro Martinez is a black man racially speaking but "culture" he has ties to Latin America. Benico Del Toro is a white Latino.

Sharon Leal is really doing well right now but I believe she is actually 35 years old according to IMDB.COM. Sharon was in Dreamgirls last year, she also was in the hit movies Why Did I Get Married? And she was in This Christmas. Sharon's a little bit older a bit more experienced. I say she's doing alright.

In relation to the Mowry sisters they aren't doing much these days. Keisha Knight Pullman she's kind of working but not getting steady work. Thank goodness she has her B.A. degree. Yaya Dacosta, Eva Pigford no offense they are not actresses yet they have to build up their resumes a bit.


The only actress on that list I'd include is Sharon Leal, and only because she's gotten a lot of movie roles within the past year or so.

Tia & Tamera Mowry - while Tia is doing really well on the tv "The Game" (love that show!) I haven't seen them in a movie ever now that I think about it & haven't seen Tamera in a long time.

Rosario (like others mentioned above) I think is playing the same game that Jennifer Lopez & Jessica Alba play ... being nondescript so they can get those roles that white women go for cuz they can pass.

My best friend is puerto rican & she claims Alba is hated in the latino community cuz she's publicly admitted that she doesn't want to be known as latina even tho she is.

Sorry but I wouldn't even put Eva Pigford into this category at all, she just hasn't done enough.

You may have to add Alicia Keys to that list eventually ... read she just got the lead in the Lena Horne story (the role Janet Jackson has been trying to get for years).

Unfortunately, the list may have been correct from the get go.


I always wondered about the Cameron Diaz thing. They NEVER refer to her as a Latin anything. She is considered WHITE.

I've never known what a White Hispanic is. I still don't really. But that's another story.

Yeah; I read that about Keys. We'll see.

LaJane Galt

Rosario is of Dominican heritage. You can be Black and be one/more ethnicities/nationalities. Jamaican, Bajan, Peruvian, Canadian... In Latin societies, the 1-drop rule doesn't exist so folks aren't identified (from w/out) as black.

Cameron's father is a white Cuban (e.g., Cristina Saralegui, Gloria & Emilio Estefan). Her mom is Anglo...so she's white.

YaYa & Eva? Are we THAT desperate? They are not actors. Hell, Mercedes said "welcome to Chilis"...does that make her an actor? :)


I also thought of Kyla Pratt...I always thought she was a good actress? Even though she has not been in a movie in a long while. Atleast I can't think of any.

Tia and Tamara do alot of Disney movies, they just had a movie called Twitches Too. But again it is Disney. Also, Tamara is/was in a tv show on Lifetime.


I have also studied in university that some black Latinos have a self hatred for their blackness and heritage. It is well known the Latin culture is a racist culture. I recall a university class I took about the Caribbean and especially in countries like the Dominican Republican stating you are "just" black is frowned upon. The thing is the Latin culture in my opinion is still a racist culture it still values whiteness over blackness.

If you look at the Latin TV shows and magazines or the so called Latin Grammy Awards shows you always see the white Latinos being praised. Sure, Cecila Cruz was "respected" to a certain extent. However,I think the USA needs to fix up their racial classification system because Christina Aguilera, Gloria Estefan, Andy Garcia, Benico Del Toro, Ricky Martin, Daisy Fuentes, are all white Latinos.

johnny wishbone

first .. thank you the black actor for this forum. second.. a little off topic.. i am not the biggest alicia keys fan and a large part of it stems from the fact that white america sort of picked her over india.arie to be the next big thing because india sings more empowering songs for black folks. They NEVER really like to mention her dad but they do seem to have alot of info on her moms. time will indeed tell where this goes.


I am also not an Alicia Keys fan. However, I can clearly see Alicia is very talented. I just have a problem with the whole marketing and imagery of Alicia Keys. She is clearly being marketed as a way to "bridge" the gap between the races. Part od Keys' popularity is the fact she's mixed race and closer to whiteness means your more acceptable. If you've noticed the young black female celebs that are "mainstream" are mostly light skinned or mixed race such as Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Rihanna,ect. Sure, Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson are doing their thing. However, even when I visit black blogs they go on and on about how "attractive" Keys, Beyonce, and Rihanna are. And on some of these black blogs they put down darker skinned black women.I just don't get that I don't think its right.

johnny wishbone

yeah.. i gotta agree. .the darker sistas get HEAT as far as looks go.. and its SO not right.. my moms is the darkest brown you can get and i gotta say i am attracted to darker women most of the time.. oh.. and i also believe alicia keys is pushed because of her "alternative" lifestyle choices.


LOL I just had this convo w/someone the other day. I was soooo pissed when Alicia Keys won all those awards for her first album cuz India's first album was soooo much better!!

Altho it technically wasn't Keys fault how it all went down, I just never could get into her after that. But she is talented & I can see her working this industry for a long time to come.


I have to admit I was very angry when India Arie was scorned by the music industry getting seven Grammy nominations and ZERO wins. I really feel like that episode is a perfect example of society's bias against darker skinned black women. India Arie clearly deserved at least ONE GRAMMY her song "Video" was a very important special song. The Grammys made up for the controversy by giving her two awards for her second album. But I feel like injustice had already taken place. It just goes to show in society for black women the closer they are to whiteness the more palatable they are. People go on and on about Alicia Keys she's a decent singer but I don't see the big deal about her personally. I feel the same way about Beyonce and Rihanna. On black blogs darker skinned black women like the Williams Sisters, Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson get grief for not being light skinned. I kind of wonder and question are black people really behind some of these blogs? I just find the negativity so offensive but so true. Michelle Wallace wrote a groundbreaking book "Black Macho and The Myth of the Superwoman" over 31 years ago and everything she says makes sense to this day. I don't know why we are conditioned as a people to believe the lighter you are the "better" you are. And I am not saying Alicia Keys, Beyonce, and Rihanna don't have talent because they do. All I am saying is why do we put down and degrade darker skinned black women so much? Sorry, not every black woman is mixed race you know.

Bea Arthur

I was with you til you said Pigford. She is by no means an actress. She can barely model but the acting hell no! Yaya is way better.

Bea Arthur

I was with you til you said Pigford. She is by no means an actress. She can barely model but the acting hell no! Yaya is way better.


Well I don't think the issue for this post had anything to do with light skin/brown skin/dark skin at all and really dislike these sort of bitter conversations. Let's focus on the issue, which is the lack of black (of all shades) counterparts to Charlize Theron or Lindsay Lohan, or even Keira Knightley (where are the black Brits, besides Thandie Newton? Why didn't that pretty black Brit from Martin Lawrence's "Black Knight" go anywhere?).


@ Angela

Like you, I hate the light skin/dark skin thing and never have this conversation! I think Sophie Okonedo is starting to be recognized here in the states.


@Angela -- what about Naomi Harris who was in Pirates of the Caribbean 2 or was it three? She is black British ! I have my eyes open for her.

@Black Actor -- your blog is the bloody best! You are always picking interesting topics for discussion. I did not know Rosario Dawson did not see herself as black which is a shame because she looks black to me lol!!

Sophie Okonedo is great! I hope she gets far.


oh no but I would definitely say Sharon Leal deserves to be there (she was good in Dreamgirls).


I am a black latino, my family is from Honduras and Venezuela, and I just wanted to say that Rosario Dawson is only like a quarter african american or even less than that. She considers herself a Latina because she was mostly raised by her mother who is 100% latina, she is Cuban and Puerto Rican. Rosario's father was Irish, african american and Native American.

As far as Christina Aguilera, she is just jumping on the latin bandwagon because it sells but she is really more white than anything because she was raised by her white mother and really didnt grow up with her latin father.

The thing about being latino/hispanic is that it is a culture not a race, we come in all colors from the whitest white to the blackest black, even asians, you name it. So if you arent raised within the latin culture or at least by a latin parent then you really cant claim to know what it means to be latin.

As far as breaking us into little groups I dont think it should be done because we arent that many to begin with. I am racially black and I look like a black man and I am proud of my looks, but I am a latino man because that is my culture.

And as far as the comment that was made about Celia Cruz just being respected in the hispanic community, I dont think so, she was and is very loved by latinos everywhere and was considered the best in her genre, she will forever be the "Queen of Salsa"....


@ Aulelia

Thank you Aulelia, so much, for the kind words.

@ David

Thank you David for that insight!


I am sorry, Beyonce Knowles may be one of the most popular black women in entertainment, but she is hardly an actress. Her acting skills are bad. I just can't take her serious as an actress. She needs to stick to what she does best and that is being a pop princess. Leave the acting to the real actresses like Halle, Angela, Saana, Kerry, Thandie and Nia. She also needs to hang up her ridiculous chase of trying to win an Oscar which she only wants for its prestige. It is not going to happen.


I vote yes on Leal, no on Dawson.

I don't think the black community identifies with her.


I just want to know does the hispanic community celebrate Black History Month, at least the black hispanics.


Zoe Saldana- Considers herself a Black Latino and Most of the roles she's cast as a Black woman. She's said herself that she's a Black woman.

I'm sick of the light skinned dark skinned debate too. Jurnee Smollet is extremely light how many roles does she get?? Halle Berry an Oscar winner has NEVER been on the cover of Vanity Fair , but Sandra Bullock has. WTF? Lauren London, whose half white, doesn't get a lot of roles either.

As far as the Black Blogs only reporting on the light skinned Black celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna and Alicia. I do notice that, but I think they are ignorant and I basically STOP going to them. I can't blame Alicia, Rihanna or Beyonce for that at all.

I can give you a prime example Jennifer Hudson has been cast in multiple movies since her oscar win. A certain Black blog site hasn't mentioned a couple of the newer ones, but as soon as they got wind of Beyonce and Etta James. they posted that immediately.


and BTW Beyonce and Rihanna are not of mixed race or at least they are just as mixed as most Black Americans whose family has been in America for generations and generations. I hate that every time there's a light skinned Black woman she has to be half white, Beyonce is NOT half White or 25% White. I'm light skinned and I'm not half White.


@ Nikki

Hmmmm; I didn't know Lauren London was half white. Learn something new erday.

Nikki -- in those blogs' defense -- whichever blogs they may be -- I will say Rhianna and Beyonce are two of the hottest celebrities right now. They are extremely popular on black blogs and gossip sites and also on some of the white gossip sites. So, my guess is that is why they're discussed so much. I think people find Alicia Keys "likeable" and attractive so they talk about her. I don't hear much negativity about her. Jennifer Hudson, on the other hand, is possibly not as popular as those women and may not be perceived as "Hot" as those other women since she's a bit chunked and is not scantily clad and just doesn't carry herself the way two of the others do. This is just speculation. But I certainly understand your point.


Well, I get your point, but still that's kind of bogus. Rihanna, I don't think she's as popular as everyone thinks she is. Have you seen her album sales?Not that great. She's well on her way though.

Lauren London said in a magazine interview that she was White & Black.

Sharon Leal is half Asian ( Filipino specifically) in case you didn't know that either. She was nominated for an Asian excellence award for her role in Dreamgirls.lol

I really like your blog. I've been longing to find a blog that focuses on DECENT Black Films or Films from the Black perspective in general.

I think this year will be better than last for Black actors and especially actresses.

Viola Davis is in Doubt.
Taraji is in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
There's Push by Lee Daniels
The Secret Life of Bees-I was worried about this one, cuz I didn't like the book that much. I'm glad the director is a Black woman though Gina Prince Bythewood (SP?). I liked Love & Basketball.

Winged Creatures, We'll see how Jennifer does in that one.Forest is also in it.

A Family that Preys. I usually don't like Tyler Perry movies, but Alfre Woodard and Kathy Bates. Casting is interesting.

RockNRolla-Idris and Thandie


Cadillac Records-I'm seriously worried , cuz Beyonce is in this hopefully her part is small.

Miracle @ St. Anna- I know you don't like Spike Lee though.lol.

Lakeview Terrace-Kerry Washington and Sam

Life is Hot in CrackTown- I hope this gets released Kerry Washington plays a transgendered prostitue. Based on the novel by Buddy G who's also the director.

Gospel Hill-Angela Bassett.
Of Boys & Men-Angela Bassett not sure if this gets released.

Soul Men- Sharon Leal, Sam Jackson and Bernie Mac- I pray that this isn't some over the top comedy.

Seven Pounds-King of the Box Office Will and Michael Ealy.

The Human Contract-Idris & Jada's directorial debut.

Phantom Punch-Ving Rhames director Robert Townsend.

There's some more, but that's all I can think of. As you can see I'm a movie nut.


actually, beyonce's mother is french creole--hence the name beyonce` which is a french name evidently---french creole means mixed...rihanna is also of mixed race--her father's half irish and her mom is from barbados. she even has said this herself...get it right...


The only reason they market those girls is because they are culturally acceptable to the whites. sure they are racially black, but they don't look it, meaning they don't have extremely African features and their not to dark to look threatening and scare the white masses, its what the majority can identify with. oh and on the subject of latinos, i am a black Latina and i do speak spanish and everything but i identify as an african american to most because i was raised by my mother who is black and native american.


@ Dia

Thanks for your insights on this, Dia!


Rihanna is actually half-white, her dad is white. She has said this on interviews including one on Vibe. There are even articles online that talk about her being bullied in Barbados when she was young due to being 'white'.


Sharon Leal is half Korean.


I was soooo pissed when Alicia Keys won all those awards for her first album cuz India's first album was soooo much better!!

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