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January 31, 2008



i never really noticed this before how long denzel has been a sex symbol. but it has been since i was a child. to me i'm sorry will smith was my childhood crush and he has gotten sexier with every year. a young sex symbol, i really can't think of one. maybe:
nelly, the rapper/actor
bow wow, the rapper/actor
chris brown, the singer/actor

Mes Deux Cents


Two words; Jeffrey Wright!

That Terrence Howard person makes me sick every time I see him or just hear his slimy voice. (He narrates a Toyota commercial).

Morris Chestnut peaked in Boyz in The Hood. I don't really think of Will as the Classic sex symbol either. He's sort of like the kinda cute funny guy.

But I do disagree about Clooney. I think teen White girls and White women in their 20's think he's a sex symbol.

And I also disagree about 49cent. I think he's disgusting.

So who's left? Denzel....

Great post! :)


Thank You Theblackactor for this post. There is a serious crisis that is going to take place. We need more young black filmmakers BESIDES Tyler Perry. We need more young black men and women to come up!

Why hasn't Patrik Ian Polk a young gay black filmmaker gotten much press in the black media? Patrik has done an amazing job with Noah's Arc! Noah's Arc is a groundbreaking show and it is a great program about young black gay men! Why hasn't Patrik been celebrated in the black media? Why did Patrik have to go to the white gay channel MTV LOGO instead of BET? BET and MTV LOGO are both owned by Viacom! Why don't more black people know about Noah's Arc? The cast are an amazing talent of young black actors ALL UNDER the age of 35. Daryl Stephens the lead character Noah is amazing!

Look Denzel is cute he's 53 years old and for a man his age he is gorgeous and looks ten years younger. However, Denzel is 53. Will Smith he's cute too but he's almost 40. So where are the young black men coming up? It is so sad right now. Terrance Howard I believe is turning 39 in March this is really sad. Where are the young black actors under the age of 35? I sense a crisis is going to happen. I am very worried. We need to develop young black talent. More young blacks we have to get involved in the ARTS. I am not just talking about film! I think more blacks need to get involved in the theater! We need more plays to appeal to a young black demographic! We can do it!


Ohh, maybe Tyrese Gibson? He's been in a few flicks (Transformers; Fast & Furious Series; Waist Deep; Baby Boy) & he sings too.

But nobody young is really on the level of Denzel Washington.


i don't think tyrese, because i forget he exists on occasion. and even in transformers in which he did a pretty good job, he doesn't stand out from the crowd


@ Iris

Iris, I think you're prolly right; it prolly will be someone along those lines.

@ Mes Deux

Thank you! Ima talk about JW -- hopefully next week. Terrence Howard does have a "unique" voice, doesn't he? LOL @ 50. You no likey? LOL.

@ Orville

Orville, I cosign witchu. The gay Hollywood thing is so interesting. It's as if we live in some puritanical society. That may exist somewhere else but it sho don't exist in the U.S. It's okay for the world to see Britney Spears' lady parts but to put a homosexual onscreen is ooooooooooh; some kinda taboo. The men you speak of -- the young stars -- they don't exist. It's a travesty.

@ Kimi

Tyrese? Oh yeah; Tyrese.


theblackactor.com -- you mentioned my darling denzel!! are you sure you are ready for a denzel spiel from me lol? No, I will spare readers anything that is too saccharine about Denzel.

I do understand the viewpoints being expressed about how the image that Denzel et al have portrayed have become a stereotype. I see that, but my question is, what would then be our alternative?

Good post..


theblackactor.com -- you mentioned my darling denzel! i am such a stan, anyways, i will spare anyone too much saccharine blushing over him. I do see what point you are making and I agree that it is a stereotype that needs to go away. However, I also think stereotypes are enabled by the public. I don't necessarily think images are shoved down people's throats without mutual consent, especially in a world where people can have the opportunity to think for themselves.

the obenson report

Ummm... I nominate myself as the next "young and sexy and qualifies as a superstar" type :o)

Given your characteristics for Denzel:

He’s tall –- at 6’ (Yup, me too. Did you know his birthday is on the same day as mine?)
He is strikingly handsome -– (Check!)
He is completely masculine with absolutely nothing effeminate in his manner, voice, style of dress, etc. -- (Holla!)
He seems to be “nice” and is thought to be a family man -- (Ok, I don't have a family, but I'm thought of as nice.)
Scandals don’t really surround him -- (No drama over here.)
During interviews, he comes across as intelligent, personable and grounded -- (I've been interviewed a few times, and all those adjectives can be used to describe my demeanor each time.)
Possesses a certain maturity –- even when he was in his 30s -- (Just call me an old soul.)
He is a very talented actor; an Oscar winner and his work is generally safe and doesn’t raise eyebrows -- (Ok, so I haven't won an Oscar (not yet), but I did act in my feature film and my performance received nothing but emphatic praise from the several hundred people who've seen the film. Nothing eyebrow-raising, although there is an unexpected nude scene in the film :o))
He’s respected in the industry -- (I'm respected by my peers.)
The invisible (class, charisma) -- (all are oozing out of me like you wouldn't believe!)

So, there ya have it TBA. I "fit the description" and nominate myself! HAHA!

Ok, I'm done being silly for the day :o)


@ Aulelia

That's really the underlying point of the post. It raises, really, the same question that you and one or two others have raised.

Who is the alternative?

Ain't no alternative... except...

that other hotness...

... Mr. Tambay Obenson

LOL - Tambay. You make me laugh. :)


Hey TBA,

I have really never understood the big deal that we make over Denzel. I'm in my early 30s and he has really never done it for me. When I think about Denzel, I think most people are caught up in the characters he plays. He has played some very strong, and confident roles thoughtout his career and I think sometime the characters they play tend to taint our veiws of the person. I have heard women comment on his wife like "She is so homely looking why is HE with HER", but if we really take a closer look at Denzel even in his younger years and take away The Strong welled Soilder(Glory)stop seeing "Malcolm"(Malcolm X probably really made he look good) The head strong boxer(Hurricane)The bad boy cop(Training Day) and he is pretty AVERAGE his damn self. I'm not haten on him because he is obviously doing something right. But I have alway thought he is handsome, but just "averagely handsome" Did I ever dream about him ripping my clothes off and making sweet passionate love to me? Uh? No! But in my case I don't think I have ever liked anyone that EVERYONE thought was soooo beautiful. But that's just me. Now Terrence Howard, "Voice?" Whos listening to him say anything, just mute the tv and just look at him. whew!:) Superstar or not he does it for me in the looks and sex appeal department. He doesn't have to say a word! As far as age is concerned our young black men have a misconception about there talents and they think that rapping, singing and dancing is all they have to offer. They need to explore other area in order to be notice. (Like some one mentioned; maybe Theater??) Take some notes from Usher maybe? (Mr. Triple Threat) He's not very sexy to me, but his talents make him pretty attractive to most.


@ MyReal1

"He has played some very strong, and confident roles thoughtout his career and I think sometime the characters they play tend to taint our veiws of the person. "

I think you make an excellent point here, MyReal1!

I share some of your sentiments. I like Denzel. I don't love Denzel. I'm a basic fan; not a huge fan.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

(Aulelia, I hope you didn't read that last sentence or two. LOL)


I actually didn't appreciate Denzel's good looks until I got older. I definitely don't want to sleep with him but he is good looking.

Now, Will Smith he could get it any day of the week and twice on Sundays!


LOL @ Afrodite. :)

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