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November 13, 2007



The only thing I can say about Mr. Howard is that I am tired of seeing him...tired.. much hyped...but he is a good character actor.Unfortunately, I think he is in the same boat as J. Foxx...their good at keeping a film together but I don't think they can carrying a film by their name only.I don't see leading man/box office gold with these guys.They have to be very critical of the projects they do.


@ Shion. LOL.

You tired of seeing Terrence?! LOL.

They're both pretty popular right now. Hmmm; maybe you're right. Ima have to tune into that.


I can't say a bad word about Terrence Howard's acting abilities & he definitely has range. He should give some other AA actors lessons on choosing varied material successfully.

He seems a little strange on a personal level based on some interviews I've read but haven't seen him in a role yet I didn't think he did a good job in.


Terrence has range and that is where he gets it right. Anyone seen Hart's War with Colin Farrell & Terrence?


@ Aulelia

No. I haven't. But I guess I should. So, I'll put it on my list (with the other 8,412 movies I need to see). LOL.

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