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December 11, 2007



LOL!!! I saw part 1 of that movie (don't even remember what it was called) & it's gonna be a cold, rainy/snowy, "ain't got no money to go anywhere or do anything else" broke azz day before I even bother to watch the sequel.

As far as acting rappers go, Ice Cube is definitely NOT the future altho I will give him props for consistently getting his movies on the big screen somehow.

johnny wishbone

I would like some of the acting work these rappers are getting.. so i will say.. they suck


LOL @ Johnny

I know. I hear ya. :)

LaJane Galt

Ha! That's what you get for watching that!

Some rappers may care about the craft. For film execs - it is not about the character or even the film. It is a dark body that makes the film look "diverse". More importantly, the rapper brings in an audience w/ $$$$ (or €€€€).

I don't want the quick buck to trump all of those black actors who are doing theater, studying at NYU or Juilliard or bussing tables. Rappers sure as hell don't want actors behind the mike.


@ Kimi

This was one of the stupidest movies I've ever seen. At 20 minutes in, I looked at the movie wrapper -- praying this wouldn'be be a 2 hour or 2 hour plus flick. There is a God. It was only 96 minutes. LOL.

johnny wishbone

great point @ rappers sure as hell don't want actors behind the mike. we should start a friggin petition i tell ya


Girl, even I couldn't dare to watch that mess of a movie...you are brave.


I do see what you're saying its true rappers can be a hinderance to trained young black actors. I notice in white Hollywood nobody says that white singers should take over the acting jobs meant for white male actors. So why is there a different kind of attitude towards black Hollywood? I bet some young black actors that are trained and very gifted must be very frustrated right now. I recall Hill Harper talking about this. Remember Hollywood just cares about profit. The studio executives think since rappers already have built in audiences they will follow the star and watch their movies. 50 CENT's film bombed that should be proof that not all rappers are good actors. Andre 3000 and Big Boi's film "Idewild" also bombed big time.

I respect the rappers that take acting seriously and start slow. To be fair Mos Def got nominated for a Golden Globe award for his perfomance in "Something The Lord Made".

Remember Hollywood doesn't care about the "craft" of acting they care about "making money". And I am going to play Devil's Advocate. Its true Ice Cube isn't going to be the next Denzel or Will Smith. However, in terms of box office success yes Ice Cube is indeed at the very top.

Unlike say 50 CENT or Andre 3000 I have more respect for Ice Cube because he's been in the Hollywood game for a long time.
Ice Cube you can like him or hate him but he's got to be the second most successful rapper after Will Smith. Ice Cube has numerous hit films from Drama such as "Three Kings", "Boyz In Da Hood" to comedy the "Friday series", "Barbershop Series", "Are We There Yet movies". Ice Cube has proven his box office cred. Will Smith to his credit went on television just like Queen Latifah to improve his acting skills. Latifah and Smith both had hit TV shows in the 1990s.


@ Invisible

LOL. Trust me. I didn't watch it voluntarily. I had to. It was a terrible experience. Terrible. LOL


@ Orville

"I notice in white Hollywood nobody says that white singers should take over the acting jobs meant for white male actors"


As far as Ice Cube, I don't care about box office cred; only good filmmaking. I see your point here, Orville, but he doens't get a gold star from me for box office cred. If he's making decent movies, then I'm behind him.

johnny wishbone

using rappers and actors also controls how many "rich" black folk there are.. BELIEVE me that is important to the other man.

johnny wishbone

sorry that should be "using rappers AS actors"


Hmmm ... I'd really like to see some statistics that Ice Cube is the second most successful rapper after Will Smith. I have a hard time believing that but wouldn't be the first time I was wrong about something! :-) & I don't hate him, I'm just saying ....


Hey no fair! I liked Are We There Yet! It wasn't the Ice Cube who I want to have babies by and have him protect our 'turf' or whatever goes on in my lil hood fantasies, but it was cute in that cheesy family movie way. Who's to say rappers shouldnt just plain be actors and not just weed smoking gangbangers in all of their movies? If Jim Carrey can make Liar Liar why cant Cube do this mess? I enjoyed both. Then again Im a real softie for family films...

I do, however, wish they had dared to just put a lil bit of Vaseline on that little girl's lips. Just a dollop.


Well truth be told Ice Cube isn't on the same level as Will Smith I mean he's not attractive or tall like Will. However, Ice Cube is the second most successful rapper behind Smith. Go to www.boxofficemojo.com
check Ice Cube's box office and you will see for yourself.

In terms of being a "great" actor I agree Ice Cube has become more "safe" these days making a lot of urban comedies. Perhaps that's his niche? However, Ice Cube has had a ton of hits he definitely has some industry cred in Hollywood because his movies make money.

I would like to see black films expand a bit be more serious, textured, layered, dramatic, such as Eve's Bayou for example. But, again, its up to us the black film audience to make our voices heard. I think there is more to blackness then being the joke. Hollywood does have a simplistic image of blackness that we just laugh all day. We have struggles, sadness, despair like everyone else. We need more serious drama for black actors and actresses.


To be fair, one of my readers relayed that Mos Def was an actor way before he was a rapper...


rappers are funny in flicks
not necessarily the best actors tho!
BUT funny:
ice cube //.2 pac //. exhibit //.llcoolj
SNOOPY on starsky + hutch [i dont know much about gold, but i know lot bout grass]


"I notice in white Hollywood nobody says that white singers should take over the acting jobs meant for white male actors"


Not so. There have been a LOT of white singers who've made movies, and in some cases, have transitioned from a music career to a successful movie career. Mark Wahlburg, for instance (and his less successful brother). Going back a long way,Frank Sinatra (in serious dramatic roles) made a number of movies, as did Dean Martin (unserious roles). Elvis made a bunch of them. In more recent times, Jon Bon Jovi made a few screen appearances in non singing roles. Jennifer Lopez has inflicted any number of acting attempts on us; and let's not mention Jessica Simpson. Ick.
There are also a number of singers who made one movie-George Strait and Britney Spears, too, I think.
Those are all I could think of off the top of my head.
Just found this blog and am enjoying. Wish I'd found it months ago and could have made a timely post.
Thanks for some provocative commentary.


@ Dana

Thanks for sharing, Dana. And I thank you for your kind words, as well. It's never too late to comment.

I think it's a little different for blacks, though.

Basically, there are 6,472,223 white actors already and 6,472,223 roles for them so a few singers-turned-actors thrown into the mix doesn't really seem to matter much.

But with us, there are 22 roles and 7,648 actors, so when rappers take actors' parts, it's a little different.

Most "white pics" are populated by white actors; as they should be. We cannot say the same.

When we start populating our films with actors, I'll shut up.



Your point is a valid one. Personally, I prefer singers to stick to singing. I find a singer in a nonsinging role in a movie to be distracting. A stunt, and usually stiff and unable to carry the part. And there are some singer/actors, like Barbra Streisand...dont wanna look at her. Ever.

Just out of curiosity, what would you consider to be a fair percentage of the roles in any production (let's stick with onscreen) going to black actors? I recall one recentish movie, the Tom Cruise/Jamie Foxx movie-cant remember the name of it-where two of the 3 big parts were filled by black actors. Not that that has anything to do with anything.

I was thinking about the black actors who I especially enjoy watching...James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, ?Forrest?-cant recall his name-Denzel (of course) and Delroy Lindo (the man makes me smile) and realized they are all aging and none of the younger black actors have that same appeal. Then again...none of the younger white actors seem to have any leading-man chops either. We have had a dearth of up and coming leading men of any color for some time.

You may enjoy reading Jean Basinger's The Star Machine. It discusses how the studio system groomed/produced the stars from 1930 to 1960. Not a fast read, but informative.


@ Dana

You asked:

"Just out of curiosity, what would you consider to be a fair percentage of the roles in any production (let's stick with onscreen) going to black actors?"

Most of them. Almost all of them.

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