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December 14, 2007



I thought he did a great job for a first outing. Plus he is adorable. Can't wait to see more of this kid, and also see Willow in Will's new flick coming out.

With their gene pool, these kids have got everything going for them.


A natural talent. Enjoyed him immensely for he is comfortable with himself. That makes a big difference from some child actors who are trying too hard.


He was so believable for a first effort! He truly embraced the character and gave a wonderful portrayal. I hope to see him in something else.


Jayden is probably going to be the next Karate Kid. Will Smith's production company is signed on to produce the remake. Just thought that you might be interested. Thank you for the link as well.

I added you as one of my Technorati Favorites and also added you on several of my blogs so hopefully that will pump up your technorati ranking at least a little bit.

Thanks for your contribution to the blog carnival as well. I hope that you will become a regular contributor.

You're always welcome to be a guest blogger if you would like to submit an article. I will post it on the production blog with a link back to your site.


This is a very important child actor he is going to be in the remake of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, there is really no market for african american kids to star or carry a film so we need to support this actor.


I think he is terrible. Would be happy to support him if he was any good. There is no way he would EVER get in a movie if his Dad wasn't making deals and producing movies just for him.


@ Trey: I haven't seen Karate Kid to further examine his work, but whatever you've seen, Trey, apparently you didn't like Mr. Jaden. LOL. I have no interest in Karate Kid, but will prolly watch it on DVD one day. Thanks for your feedback! Yes, in large part for the reason, you mention, I expect we'll be seeing a lot more of him.

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