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December 05, 2007



I loved O in The Color Purple, loved the whole movie it's one of my faves & all the nominated actors in it got the royal shaft that year.

Saw Beloved well after it left theaters (I didn't think it did that well; especially given her popularity from the show & all the stars who came out praising it). It was a'right, was happy I didn't pay for it. It had its moments, but I didn't feel it was all that. Maybe I'm just slow but I had to watch it 2x just to "get it".

I too would love to see O doing more acting roles, just please, no more slave roles or anything even related to slavery times. Do something more up to date.


@ Kimi.

I dunno why I thought it was successful. Oh well. LOL.


Color Purple? I'm sure I can repeat it verbatim.
Beloved? Not recieved well at all but Beah Richards brings me to tears everytime.
She is beautiful.

Oprah? You should check 'There Are No Children Here' ...adaptation of a true story told by Alan Kotlowitz. Brilliant - performance and read.
Although she is not the star, you feel her.
Anger, pain and everything in between.


I have to agree about my first thought of "Beloved". I just wasn't interested in seeing yet again another "slave movie". And even though the story did take place in the
"post slave era" of reconstruction I still didn't want to watch it in 1998. I think the poor success of Beloved really shocked Oprah. Oprah promoted the movie on her show but people just didn't want to see it.

I think Oprah will return to acting maybe one day I think she should. The Color Purple is an amazing film on "You Tube" there is a scene with Danny Glover, Whoopi, and Oprah at a dinner table. Oh my goodness that scene alone Whoopi and Oprah should of won the Oscar for their performances in the film.

johnny wishbone

The Color Purple? sorry.. TOO many black male negative images.. and yes I do not watch rap videos for how they treat black women.. good for the goose.. etc. (hmm.. another bird reference.. and my name is johnny wishbone..perhaps i should check into this)

johnny wishbone

oh.. and yes.. oprah is an astounding actress when she wants to be..


@ Johnny

:) Johnny, this point of this post was only to highlight Winfrey's work in the film; with no regard to content of the film. I'm glad you've taken a stand on videos, though. :) That's cool.


@ Kimi: I have seen the whole movie Beloved, but mostly in bits and pieces...what is it about? LOL I get so bored while watching this movie.
I just dont get it, I really dont. I think that is why it BOMBED in the box office, no one understood the book so why see the movie?

I might try to watch it again and really try to understand what it was all about. It will be tough though.



You can skip Beloved. It wasn't a success for Oprah either.

Their Eyes is Watching God is another film produced by Oprah. She has an odd choice of books to make into movies. I heard the ending was very different.

I'm going to pass on Oprah's choice of books to movies.

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