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December 17, 2007


LaJane Galt

I do agree that there is a little "something" to us. An aspect of our behavior or demeanor that "we" have.

But in Hollywood, sass is usually accompanied by a hand on hip, neck rolling, gum popping/lip smacking, finger waving & a "let me tell you something". It becomes a caricature...at this point, I'm tired of it.

Sass feeds into the Strawng Black Woman myth and morphs into Sapphire & Mammy. Those stereotypes render us inhuman.

johnny wishbone

this conversation reminds me of the line in hollywood shuffle where the director asks the actor to be "more black." I'll just leave it at that.


ITA with all you said. A character that reminds me of this was in "Why Did I Get Married", I enjoyed the actress' portrayal, but thought she was a bit over the top. Everything she did/said had attitude, the only thing she didn't do was snap her fingers after she delivered every line.

Even the most ghetto girl I know, don't act like that nonstop.


I do agree that black women do have some "sass". I think the problem with the film industry especially in black romantic comedies there is always one black female character that is "over" the edge. She's supposed to be the comedian for laughs.

I have a question, when was the last time you saw a black woman vulnerable in film? You know, a black actress that is uncertain, depressed, has doubt, and may need a helping hand?

I think Halle Berry and Thandie Newton are allowed to be more "complex" or should I say more "vulnerable" in their films. Notice Newton and Berry are mixed race.

However, look at Gabrielle Union she's usually "sassy" or independent or strong. But can a woman be this way all the time? What about other emotions? I think black women have a range of emotions like everyone else. But I think people will say a black actress is "weak" if she is "vulnerable in films?"

I would like to see a complex drama with a black actress that showed a bit more vulnerability perhaps?


I think there is a book by a black feminist Michelle Wallace called "Black Macho And The Myth Of the Superwoman". Black women have been stereotyped since slavery to be "strong". Now remember in slavery black women didn't have black men around because the slave master separated the men from the women. Black women had to "take on" the leadership role in the black family due to this. And even today the "Superwoman" stereotype of black women exists today. I mean look at that woman on "The View" I cringe every time I see her because she's such a stereotype. Star Jones was also a stereotype of black womanhood when she was on the view. Why are black women stereotyped as being "loud", "aggressive", "hostile"?
I think there is more to black women then these simplistic stereotypes.

Also, again, when are black women allowed to be vulneable on TV or in movies?


I cosign with all of you guys.

As for being vulnerable on film, this is a rare occurence. We do fufu stuff. It just doesn't get intense for us.

@ LaJane

"Those stereotypes render us inhuman."

You are so right!!!

@ Kimi

"the only thing she didn't do was snap her fingers after she delivered every line."


Thanks, guys.


Agreed Kimi; that was the huge problem I had with the character that was Don Cheadle's girlfriend in "Talk To Me" played by Taraji P. Henson....NO ONE is sassy 100% of the tiem...she was even sassy when she was being serious...too much--it just wore you down!


Arg. This is why I have a grievance against both Mo'Nique and Jennifer Hudson. I cringed when Mo'Nique showed up on Ugly Betty playing the stereotypical overweight sassy black woman slobbering over a man and being oblivious to the fact that he doesn't want her. :eyeroll:

I also cringed when I watched "Dreamgirls" because Jennifer Hudson's "Effie" was such a stereotype. There was no depth to her at all (now I really blame that horrible screenplay adaptation), and that is why I don't feel she deserved to win her Oscar.


@ Angela

Yeah, I posted about Jennifer Hudson and that Oscar under the Oscar Chat category. I totally see your point!


I honestly don't think you can blame Jennifer for being sassy in the movie since it was her first time and that WAS what the film called for. Whether someone is deserving or not deserving of an Oscar is based on Opinion. I think people pay too much attention to Awards shows etc. It's not that serious. Art shouldn't be a competion.

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