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January 24, 2008


Mes Deux Cents


Wasn't he one of the producers of that film?

LaJane Galt

I don't see any indication of that. But you never know....


i think the same thing about rapper-singer/actors. i'm surprised when they turn in a good performance and vindicated when they don't. and i do feel bad for actors, when producers or film companies go for a rapper over a more proven actor. also look at a raisin in the sun.


I know Sean Combs isn't the greatest actor. I do agree that rappers have an unfair advantage over classically trained black actors. The studios hire the rappers because they have a built in audience and think they can make money. The studios also believe the rappers can cross racial, cultural, and gender demographics and produce even more revenue.

Now I saw Monster's Ball some of the issues in the movie I found offensive, sexist, and at times racist. However, I do think Sean Combs had an understated performance. Sean Combs can be annoying but I hear he did a good job with "Raisin In The Sun". According to media reports I have read he has an acting coach and he's taking acting seriously. Maybe his off stage persona and questionable personal life throws people off? But in terms of acting he is by no means the best that's for sure but I don't think he's the worst either. I have seen worse actors then Sean Combs get praise.


I do think that the lines have now officially blurred between rapping and acting. Yesterday night, I watched 'Poetic Justice' and yes, the film is bitty but Pac was just seamless in how real he seemed. He seemed like a real actor to me, regard-less of his music career. Puffy on the other hand...hmmm, the acting he does in his music videos hurts my head!

Concerned Black Filmmaker

"One might argue they cast him because they needed star power. Wasn’t Halle Berry herself, enough star power? Billy Bob Thornton?" -- TheBlackActor

Yes. They were enough. But Hollywood is crazy to believe that casting Puffy, Ludacris, the RZA and them brings in our (black) dollar.

I personally don't think it makes a difference. Puffy being in the film didn't make it a box office success (if any), but it does lessen the quality of the film in regard to performances. I mean, he was okay, but he didn't have the ability to add colors to the performance. If anything, it was Halle Berry's Oscar winning performance that brought in the dollars, and not just our dollars.

I was looking at the trailer to the TV version of "A Raisin In The Sun," the hit play starring Puffy and Phylicia Rashad. In my humble opinion, Puffy's acting looks terrible in that trailer, underscored by lame music that sounds like his production.


@ orville, i agree his offscreen performance does get in the way of making his character believable. and to be fair to him he isn't the only person i have this problem with.


sorry that's suppose to be persona.


@ Mes Deux

I think not.

@ Iris

I agree, Iris. And I feel very strongly about that.

@ Orville

Yes; Like you, I've certainly seen worse performances than Sean Combs' in Monster's Ball.

@ Aulelia

I hate to say it; but yes, they are blurring. :( Nooooooooooooooooooooo!

@ Concerned

I was so incensed when they cast him in the play a couple of years ago, I have not read or seen anything at all about the production. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. LOL

Concerned Black Filmmakers

To: Everyone

Check out the trailer to "A Raisin in the Sun."


Rashad looks great, in my humble opinion. Whatdo everyone think of P. diddy?


Definitely a publicity whore. Having him in that role was unnecessary.


Finally people who actually care about films. I can't tell you my frustration of how I feel. What about his new movie How She Move? What is the difference between this movie and Step Up and the other dance movies. Is all we do is dance? As a struggling screenwriter it is annoying to see so much cliche films and plots. It's boring as hell. "No idea is original that is true,But an idea can be original as possible." My own quote don't steal it. As far as Rappers so called turned actors. I only have love for Will Smith and the Queen cause they started on TV and prove themselves. Let's stop the cooning movies and dance and gangster. But I guess I'm dreaming. Damn that Money and Willie Lynch. If I make it to Hollyweird only train actors.

Concerned Black Filmmaker

He produced "How She Move"? Well, that explains why the trailer looks so terrible (no offense to anyone here), making me see it as an ineptly crafted film.


@ Concerned

Thank you for the link! :)

@ Afrodite

So true. So true.

@ Pathofalegend

You're right. No difference. Typical Hollywood repitition. No freshness. re us loving to dance; it sure looks that way. And I share your sentiments.

the obenson report

I didn't think his performance in MB was horrible, nor did I think it was great. I've seen worse, and I've seen better.

But my main problem with all of this isn't even so much his acting capabilities, but rather that some lesser known actor, or some other actor who really needs the work, the exposure and of course, the money, could have been offered the job instead. That's what annoys me about all this. But I understand the unfortunate nature of the business...


Maybe it is time for black screenwriters to go independent? I mean I don't know how this can be done but perhaps Theblackactor can write a post about film distriubtion? Yes it is hard to make a movie because it costs money. However, I think the REAL hard part is distribution how do you get the movie to the people? What are the politics of distrubtion? I think this is a big issue we should explore next perhaps?

I agree too many dance movies involving young black actors I want to vomit. I am serious enough is enough. There is more to the black experience then singing and dancing. It seems to me that once again Hollywood has this myopic racist forumla that if something with young black sells they recycle it ten million times. Since some of these films with young blacks are low budget why not take a risk? Why not challenge us with something interesting and fresh and new? It is time more of us got involved because I wonder about some of the top black actors in Hollywood. Maybe they just care about their own careers and making money? The next generation is what we should be concerned about Will Smith, Denzel Washington won't be around forever.


Orville: maybe I can. It would be something I'd have to study and research -- as I am not at all knowledgeable about this. Actually, it is something I am curious about. And it is a topic suited for this blog. It deserves attention, doesn't it. I will try.


I thought Puffy did a'right in Monsters Ball, better than I anticipated.

But I did see him on Broadway in "A Rasin In the Sun" & must admit I'm happy to read here that he's taken more acting lessons since then, cuz I wasn't impressed at all with his portrayal, especially the big breakdown scene.

Being surrounded by lots of talent (Audra McDonald; Phylicia Rashaad, Bill Nunn & Sanaa I think) helped.

Of course, Sidney Poitier is an impossible act to follow even for the most seasoned actor, but imho the only reason Puffy was cast in the Broadway production (& now the movie) was to get peeps into the theater. It truly is "All About the Benjamins."

Maybe with more practice/lessons, he will do better in the movie. I hope so for his sake anyway. Not that many peeps get to see Broadway productions, but this will be on television with a much wider audience & probably much more harshly criticized.

the obenson report

@ Orville and TBA - I ran a film distribution company for 3 years, during which I distributed my film, as well as a second film by an L.A. based filmmaker. I still run the company (solo, since splitting with my 2 partners after 2 rough years), but it's taken a back seat to my other ventures, like podcasting and writing :o) Distribution is actually not that complex; it's just the work/effort that one has to put in to generate any real results.


@ Kimi

@ Kimi

Well, youre the first person I know who saw him in the Bway production. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

@ Obenson

Good. Then I will look to you to tell me what this is and what this means. Maybe guest post you guest post can guest post help guest post the guest post average person like guest post me and guest post the readers guest post make sense of this.

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