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January 15, 2008



I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this Podcast. theblackactor.com was extremely well represented - although I would have preferred more opportunity for the blog's voice to be heard - and the actresses comments were enlightening.

As a white female artist who follows this blog, I am always learning about the situations and struggles that are encountered by blacks in the arts and in society in general. This is important information for me and should be for absolutely everyone, regardless of color or sexual orientation. It is through these discussions that we begin to understand each other and have the opportunity to work together to better the planet and provide a more equitable and healthy social and business environment for all.

I applaud the editor of theblackactor.com for her informative and always fair opinions. This is what technology should be used for - education.

Thank you. I am an avid fan.


@ Jackie

Thank you so much for that glowing review! {** blushing **}. Very sweet of you. I'm glad you enjoyed the Podcast. It was a wonderful and necessary dialog. I'm glad The Obenson Report allowed me to be a part of it. Thanks, again! And thanks for visiting theblackactor.com.


wow jackie... very happy about your statements.

johnny wishbone

I listened to the podcast. Well done. *sniffs* Our little girl is growing up so fast. lol.. great job though


LOL @ Johnny

I was totally terrified. LMAO. Thank you for listening, Johnny. I hope you enjoyed it -- or were you laughing at me the whole time. LOL.

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