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February 08, 2008



i think to a certain degree they are valid, and i do watch most of them. However, i hate it when they narrow down all actors and actress to best actress/actor on the tail end of a music show. or best female/male athlete. if you can't do better than that leave it alone. just as music is an art so is film.

Mes Deux Cents


Okay here's the deelio. I have no respect for the NAACP or BET awards.

Here is why;

A few years ago the NAACP gave an Image Award to RKelly. This was after he had already been arrested and charged with numerous counts having to do with him allegedly raping a teen girl.

And BET is just a 24 hour coon show run by Viacom. BET and Viacom are 70% of why I cancelled my cable. I realized some of my money was going to them every month.

How do you feel about them?


@ Iris and Mes Deux

Thank you, ladies, for your viewpoints.

And Mes Deux... :)

I've never watched the NAACP Awards, I don't think. Have I? HelifIknow. I don't even know if the Reel Awards are broadcast and two or three times I've seen at least a portion of the BET Awards.

I can't necessarily respond intelligently so I'll respond ghetto.

I don't put much credence into the some of the awards cuz I am of the belief they reward mediocrity. I ain't with that. I could be wrong about this. I try not to discuss that which I am unfamiliar with.

If I watch the BET awards it is for the sole reason to sit down and watch it with others so we can be fun and talk about people.

Ah, yes; I am imperfect. LOL.

BTW - I'd forgotten about that RKelly thing. I remember hearing about it. Now, that I am reminded of it, I will never support the NAACP Awards EVER. Actually, this is a big, enormous deal (though it happened a few years ago). I should post about it. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! :(




i agree with the mediocrity comment. i see where an actor will have done an indie and they'll reward soul plane 95.

i asked my sister not too long ago, if she was an actress would she attend these events. the answer was maybe, because there isn't any prestige in this award and the show doesn't even take itself seriously.

the obenson report

They exist for a reason, and the folks who started each of them probably had the best of intentions at heart, and I guess they should be commended for wanting to validate and congratulate black talent.

However, their resumes are lacking severely, and are often laughable. So, it's hard to take most of them seriously anymore.

Who's to blame? One could say that there just isn't enough work by black talent to commend, so these award shows are left to showcase subpar performances and films, often in an effort to keep up with the Joneses (essentially white Hollywood).

BUT, one could also say that maybe these award shows should dig a little deeper, and in essence highlight black talent working outside of the studio system - those independent filmmakers, actors, actresses, musicians, etc, who are producing some interesting work, but aren't getting the necessary publicity.

That would be wonderful! But, as I said, theirs is an attempt to maintain some connection to the Hollywood machine, so they feel the need to showcase those who are working within that system, even if their efforts are less than worthy.


Very well said Mr. Obenson...co-sign 100%

LaJane Galt

BUT, one could also say that maybe these award shows should dig a little deeper, and in essence highlight black talent working outside of the studio system - those independent filmmakers, actors, actresses, musicians, etc, who are producing some interesting work, but aren't getting the necessary publicity

TOR~ I agree!

But then again, award shows, IMHO, are masturbatory affairs that are a great source of advertising dollars.

Jeffrey Wright looks so conflicted when he was on the BET (or was it NAACP) awards.


I agree with Obenson and Invisible

Very well said. Excellent comment! Thank you.

@ La Jane

Gotdamit - you betta work that damn English language. Ima steal that one day; so I'm tellin' you now. LOL.

"masturbatory affairs"


@ Iris

I would go, if I could; but for all the wrong reasons, I'm afraid. LOL.


I have never seen the reel awards. I no longer watch the BET Awards because it is garbage. As a matter of fact I no longer watch BET. I used to like the Gospel/Dove awards but since they come on BET I no longer watch that either.
I have not watched the NAACP Awards in years, and I do remember the Rkelly debacle. I have had some issues with the naacp lately.


I think awards are fine and there are so many pieces of work and actors etc. that don't get highlighted at the big award shows.
BET has lost all creditability with me. NAACP has too since the R Kelly and recent Isaiah Washington award. Not the these men aren't talented, but they were given an "Image" award. How do they figure that?


I never heard of the REEL awards & that's a shame if its AA related.

Never once watched the NAACP awards or the Trumpet Awards either. Most of the time it was cuz I found out about them after the fact, but the few times I did hear about them early just wasn't interested enough.

BET (music) Awards, that's about the only thing I watch on BET & its mainly for SOME of the musical performances - there have been years I didn't watch at all. Otherwise, BET may as well be the chinese channel cuz I don't even check it to see what's on. The 24 coon channel is right on.

JMHO on 2 things:

1. R. Kelly - let me start by saying he should've been on lockdown or at the very least in court YEARS ago.

However I can understand why awards shows have not banned him. They are judging him on his music, not what he's got going on personally. If awards shows started singling out entertainers who had "issues" off stage, very few peeps would be in attendance.

IMHO, the only way to keep Kelly off awards shows & everything else everywhere is for folk to stop buying his music & going to his concerts (regardless of who's opening for him) plain & simple. I haven't bought an R Kelly album since that scandal started & never will again, I even change the station when I hear his music on the radio now.

I usually tape awards shows (the ones who have someone on I want to see) & FF to awards & performances I want to watch. They are ALL a sham imho in particular these "black" awards shows & here's why I believe that.

When these AA awards show began they set out to honor our best who weren't getting recognized otherwise is what I remember. Now they are just reinforcing the entertainers that mainstream awards shows are supporting at the moment.

Case in point: remember when Alicia Keys & India Arie were up for pretty much all the same awards? India got nothing & Alicia got it all on mainstream awards shows. Now I do love Alicia too don't get me wrong, but India got robbed without a gun & her album was just as good if not better imho.

I thought for sure BET would make up for the oversight & give her SOMETHING, but they continued to hand everything over to Alicia Keys. That was pretty much when I decided all awards were full of it lol.

anyways, jmho but I don't think any awards are given based on real critera anymore or public opinion (except maybe people's choice - MAYBE). I think they're pretty much already bought & paid for & the AA awards shows are no longer recognizing our best who are getting slighted by the white media/awards but going along with their status quo.


I will be honest my comment will not be politically correct but most the television and films blacks are in these days is bullshit. I can't be more blunt then that. I can't remember the last time I was excited about a black television show or movie. Maybe it is our fault the audience? Maybe it is the powerful blacks in Hollywood's fault or the power brokers I don't know?

All I know is I wish black entertainment was more exciting like the 1980s and 1990s. Sadly, in the last few years shit just keeps on being churned out. The NAACP has lost the plot. When the NAACP nominated Angelina Jolie a white actress for "A Mighty Heart" I think this is abhorrent and deleterious. The BET awards is kind of interesting I admit this. My complaint with BET is over their programming. I have contacted BET sent various e-mails but they don't care. My goodness I would scream if Noah's Arc the gay black sitcom got on BET. Now remember Noah's Arc got canceled by the white homosexuals over at MTV LOGO. MTV LOGO and BET and MTV are owned by the same parent company Viacom. Now if you want to watch groundbreaking television that SHOULD be winning awards then watch Noah's Arc.


The NAACP nominated St. Jolie for A Mighty Heart?


Concerned Black Filmmaker

"Do you know about them?" -- TBA

Yes, I do. I know about most of the awards out there.

"Do you care about them?" -- TBA

I don't care about any of them, especially the NAACP Image Awards. They're the most biased and superficial of them all. The only time they ever got it right when it comes to celebrating true, black cinematic quality was last year when they chose "The Pursuit of Happyness" over "Dreamgirls." They are now trying to throw in a category for directors, yet they're the same people scolding the other major awards for not recognizing people of color behind the cameras. How do we expect them (Oscars, Globes) to recognize us (directors, writers, producers) when we don't even recognize our own?

The most laughable thing about the Image Awards is when they throw in a few somewhat Hispanic contenders, the ones who are receiving Oscar buzz or something, and turn around to award the lesser performance by a black nominee. It's almost as if they're trying to fill in the slots needed for five nominees, knowing that there isn't enough blacks in movies for each category a year. For instance, last year they desperately nominated Penelope Cruz for "Volver" (her Osar nominated performance) who to me is more white than Hispanic. Then they, the NAACP, shoot themselves in the foot by awarding that little girl from "Akeelah and the Bee" over Cruz. What? That was crazy to me. Cruz was by far the ebst performance of the nominees. There wasn't any competition for her there, unlike the Oscars or the Globes. Unfortunately, I don't think Cruz or anyone else non-black would've won. So, why nominate the more superior performance, setting them up to lose to lesser only because of skin color? They're worst than the Academy.

The best black movie awards thus far, in my opinion, was "The Black Movie Awards" started by Jeff Friday (American Black Film Festival). Unfortunately, they haven't been able to keep up with it and they didn't occur last year. Yes, the award looked ridiculously dangerous to leave around small children (gold outline of Africa with a gold film strip going through it, looking like a giant ninja star) but they were the first to celebrate black writers and directors on a nationally televisied level.

"Do you watch them?" -- TBA

If I'm home, not busy gazing at more interesting and inoffensive things like my light bulb, I'll tune in to the Image Awards to amuse myself by their pretentiousness.

I would tune in to the Black Reel Awards but I don't think they come on television.

"Do they deserve our attention?" -- TBA

Image Awards and BET Awards don't, not until they get their acts together. I mean, the BET Awards aren't for movies anyway. Besides, who wants to watch someone win an award for any visual medium with the intials B-E-T on it?

"Are they necessary, valid, helpful?" -- TBA

No, no and no. Actually, the ones you mentioned, except for Black Reel (don't know much about them), do more to undermine the intention behind celebrating the movies, whether black or white.

Concerned Black Filmmaker

"The NAACP nominated St. Jolie for A Mighty Heart?" -- INVISIBLE WOMAN

Exactly my point, which I was trying to make in the second paragraph of my last response. What's that about? They're going to give it to a lesser black performance anyway. Why waste Jolie's time with such BS?

If they feel there isn't enough black actresses to fill the slots, why don't they turn to independent black films shown at American Film Festival, Roxbury Film Festival and Pan African Film Festival every year? NAACP almost never nominate indie work, which is one of their flaws. The Academy does but they don't? Pity.

Concerned Black Filmmaker

"I can't be more blunt then that. I can't remember the last time I was excited about a black television show or movie." -- ORVILLE

I agree, but "The Wire" had me hooked since its first season. I only wished that more people gave them a try.

Oh, and by the way, CONGRATULATIONS to "The Wire" for winning the prestigious WGA (Writer's Guild of America) AWARD for Dramatic Series this past weekend. That's probably they're first notable award. They have been overlooked for years and it's so disheartening to see quality television like it go ignored. It's better than the "The Sopranos," IMHO, which it beat out for the WGA. The writing is first rate, hands down.

And I know why the NAACP never acknowledged them. They're airing our dirty laundry while exposing the problems with Urban America, from the streets all the way to the mayor's office.

The show's 2006 season got a 98 out of 100 from metacritics.com, probably the toughest assembly of critics online. Yet, they haven't been nominated for Best Dramatic series from the Emmy's or won an Image Award.


I will always believe that "The Wire" was the single most underrated television show (drama, sitcom, reality, variety, etc.) in the history of television.



Thanks for sharing your thoughts, guys, on this. I was wondering how people felt about these awards.

Worth noting, as some of you have mentioned, was the shocking nom of Angelina Jolie by the NAACP.


@Concerned Black Filmmaker - I'm a fan of The Wire also, and totally agree that this show is sooo underrated!!! I am so going to miss it, but thanks for posting that info that the won a WGA. I also agree that it is better than The Sopranos, The Wire is truly keeping it real on all levels.

But I also think HBO is adding to the low ratings for The Wire in a sense. What other HBO show has ever put the next week's episode on a full week before it's supposed to air? Now don't get me wrong I do like being able to see it but I have to think that will take away from ratings on Sundays, as well as viewer anticipation. They would never have done that with Sopranos. Whenever any of HBO's other shows wins an award they talk about it & advertise it, will be interesting to see if they talk about their WGA win.

Also, the Wire has NEVER gotten the advertising that HBO shows like Sopranos, Sex & The City, 6 Ft Under & even the newer show Entourage gets.

ITA about the NAACP.

I am really going to miss this show. TBA sorry for hijacking this thread :-)


To say I was shocked upon hearing that Ms. Jolie was nominated by NAACP would be an understatement. 'Disgusted' would describe my feelings much better.
These awards were created to recognise black talent, constantly and purposefully overlooked by Hollywood, yet the idiots at NAACP Film whatever thought Angelina Jolie was more deserving of the nomination despite the fact that she was made-up to resemble a black woman?
If that is not a slap in the face, then I don't know what is!

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