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February 15, 2008


the obenson report

Umm... well... uhhh... it usually works for me :o)


Almost zero of that movie registered while I was watching it, except for that line. All I could think was "they CANNOT be serious". He was about as sexy as a spoon.

An awful movie in every conceivable way.

Mes Deux Cents


That was indeed a very corny line from a very corny movie. Lol

The only thing I really remember about that film was Jeffrey Wright's over-the-top performance.


@ Obenson

You crazy. LOL.

@ IW

Girl, I fell out when I read your comment. Sexy as a spoon. LOL. Actually, ROTFLMMFAO.

@ Mes Deux

Ah, JW; Yes; I think one could describe it as such. LOL. Also, the accent was a little much; like 600 million feet thick. LOL.


I believed that's why a lot of people remember that line because it was so corny. I always wondered what was going through Sam's mind when he said that.lol
I also remember "Nobody's puts baby in a corner" from Dirty Dancing. BTW, the only good thing in the Shaft remake was Jeffrey Wright and Christian Bale but basically they should have left the Shaft remake alone.


@ Shion

I think you're right. That's why people remember that flick. I totally agree - I too wondered what was going through his mind. LOL.

I didn't see the other pic you mention. But yes; we coulda done without a Shaft remake.


I just groaned out loud reading that line LOL!

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