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February 27, 2008



Don't watch this one , but there was a big White woman on a Soap Opera before I forgot the name of it though.


I have conflicted feelings about the mammy on General Hospital. On the one hand I understand she's an actress and she needs to work. However, I wonder if this actress realizes she is being stereotyped. General Hospital is a very Eurocentric show the most ethnic they get is with some white Latinos on the program. The mammy on the show she's depicted as "nurturing" and all those negative stereotypes of black womanhood. I know girlfriends is just a sitcom but I yearn for more shows that showcase the talent of black women in a more positive light. Although Sean Combs was in A Raisin In The Sun. The one thing I LOVED about the movie is black women got to SHINE. Sanaa Lathan, Audra, McDonald and Ms. Rashad were incredible! I wish more layered roles were available for black women. I mean geesh I thought the mammy days were over.


I have to say that I don't watch the show, so I can't speak on the part specifically. But I don't think we should be criticizing her for it she's an actress and if she thinks that she's being stereotyped and feels really bad about it then she wouldn't do it. To me it's like we're saying oh you're so stupid lady for taking this part or that she's so unintelligent that she doesn't realize that she's a stereotypical character.


@ Nikki

I'd bet mooney she wasn't as big as the woman I saw yesterday. But it's possible. If you (or anybody else reading this thread), find this woman, show me this woman. And I will acknowledge this on the blog.

@ Orville

As for the mammy days being over -- well, we can only hope, I suppose.

@ Nikki

First, if you believe I was criticizing her, then you misinterpreted the article. The article was not about her, how she feels, what she thinks, or the fact that she needs to earn a living.

The article was about the presentation of her and the perception of her character.

"if she thinks that she's being stereotyped and feels really bad about it then she wouldn't do it"

We don't know this statement to be true. But really, it is not in question in this article.

But thanks for your thoughts, Nikki. :)

Mes Deux Cents


I haven't seen soap since I was a teen. So I can't comment on the actor you are posting about.

My question; do you think Oprah is the epitome of a mammy?


@ Mes Deux

Hi Mes Deux.

No. I do not believe Oprah is a mammy of any kind; but if I remember correctly, I think you and Orville did. So, I guess I disagree with you guys on this one.


Again I wasn't referring to you or the article I was referring to the person above me. Maybe I should just post their names.


@ Nikki

Oh. Ooops, again. LOL.

Yeah... do this when you respond to a commenter...

@ John Doe

blah blah blah

Otherwise, I think you're talking to me.


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