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April 11, 2008


johnny wishbone

I liked this movie. Halle showed a little more range. THe sexpot thing worked for me. and YES they did TOO many backside shots. its the dehumanization thing hollyweird does. WE know they do it. THEY know they do it. It's a horrible, racist practice and they get away with it because alot of our artists are trying to get work. I am NOT excusing Halle completely though, but I do understand. Its the same argument i use when discussin the hip-hop scene and the fact that the artists i am most likely gonna listen too are the more conscious rappers but I will listen to the ones who's consciousness is married with what the a&r's say they have to put on the record (i.e. misogyny, violence and other foolishness).. we are going to have to find alternatives though in both cases. oh.. by the way.. i don't know if you have any in your city .. but here in new york i am noticing alot of the african run businesses that sell movies have AFRICAN produced films and the industry is growing.. hmm.. buy black anyone?


I didn' t see Perfect Strangers because, I'm sorry, it just looked silly to me. I looked like another Halle Berry/white man movie with no purpose at all. I couldn't bring myself to spend my money and time on it.

Besides, I got tricked by 'The Brave One'. I'm not getting tricked again!!!


@ Johnny Wishbone

Oh, so the sexpot thing works for you, heh? LOL. :) I moved out of NYC 3 years ago but I had an African friend there. And we'd watch the African videos. He totally had tons of them. I didn't know so many were being produced. I don't know if they have this stuff in the ATL; but there is an African population here, so I suppose there's a place to get these pics.

@ Nic

I don't even remember how the hell I ended up seei -- oh, I remember now -- I like Jodie Foster. So, I went to see it. Yeah, Perfect Stranger is good to watch on DVD. And yes, regrettably, it is indeed another "Halle Berry/white man" flic. {sigh}


I didn't bother to see this movie. I am waiting for a Halle Berry movie that does not show her body parts...

Casey Henry

I heard about this up in comming actor named Terrance McEwen on this other blog..his IMDB page is http://imdb.com/name/nm2958421/ He seams like he portays himself well...


i'm going to play devil's advocate for a bit. i think the sexy siren thing has work for her. it is what has gotten her the major opportunities in her career.
okay lets look at say angela bassett. you cannot deny her ability, but she doesn't get as many opportunities as halle. if mainstrea found her attractive, she'd have 7 or 8 nominations and a few wins.


@ Regina

ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ Casey

Thanks, Casey.

@ Iris

K. Good point, Iris. Opportunities, for the sake of opportunities... what do they really mean, beyond monetary reward? I wonder of Berry is proud of these vehicles. I agree with your general point about Bassett. I think Bassett doesn't get roles for the same reasons other black Hollywood actressess don't get roles; not necessarily that she is viewed as less attractive than Berry. But I think one of the reaons why Berry gets roles is because she is willing to market herself in a certain manner and do things that perhaps Bassett and ther others are unwilling to do.


didn't see Perfect Stranger...sounds like Halle just playing to her strengths...being sexy. What's Brad Pitt w/o his six-pack?Nothing and that guy's 40-something. If that's what pays his bills then Halle's no different.She has twins to feed and alimony to pay Eric.


@ Shion

Yes; I agree; she is playing to her strengths. LOL.


I think this is Halle Berry's image she is the black sexpot. I believe Berry, her manager, agents, that's the image she's trying to sell the sex symbol image. The problem for Berry is that she's aging she's already 41 going on 42 this year. Halle will have to change and transition as she gets older. Hollywood is cruel to women over the age of 40 the roles start to dry up. Halle will have to tone it down a bit or reinvent herself.


@ Orville

I agree, Orville.

LaJane Galt

I agree with Orville on the re-invention. She could also go full time producer.

Shion *dead* @ Eric Benet alimony.


Co-sign Orville, you don't want Halle ending up like Janet...being too overtly sexual after 40 and still ain't getting no where.
LaJane, what's wrong with paying Eric alimony?...man went to sex rehab for the woman ..she could at least give the brotha a couple of duckets until his career gets going again.That man put his illustrious career on hold for that woman...give'em a break.

LaJane Galt

Illustrious? LMBAO

If he'd been in the studio instead of bangin chicks 2 at a time, we might be listening to him now? :)


I didn't know that Halle showed some skin in Perfect Strangers. I haven't seen the film... but now, with that little bit of new knowledge, I think I just might :o)


Suckin' ain't f--kin'
He said it was oral sex from a lady friend that he knew for a while.Halle was somewhere making a movie and he was left alone to fend for himself.Halle looks like one those women who would blow you only when its'your birthday or Christmas.She'll use sex as a weapon just to keep you in line:-( Can't no woman be that fine and nothing's wrong with them.
BTW,why all her boyfriends pretty? Anyone ever noticed that?


@ Obenson

Obenson, I thought better of you!!! :) LOL. Well then, watch Swordfish, which I will be highlighting this Friday and catch some TIT. LOL.

@ Shion

David Justice was cute (even though he had that neanderthal thing going on on his head) and Eric was cute (I was checkin' him when they were together and was looking for any queen-like quality or scandal -- but found none). And now, she's with a model. What you expect, Shion -- that she should do monsterdudes? Fuk dat. LMAO.


Wesley. That monster enuff for you?lol
She's dated Christopher williams and Michael Ealy (Ricky the pretty boy gangster from Barbershop).She must've been on something to have dated Wesley Snipes...he doesn't fit the profile at all compared to her other boyfriends.Interesting.


@ Shion

Now I was tryna be nice and not mention Wesley, who, I think we won't call pretty. I forgot about Ealy and Christopher Williams. I think Wesley was the one who roughed her up and blew out her ear; ain't that right? She prolly don't want anyone who looks like him, acts like him or in any way reminds her of him. LOL.


If you want to see Halle nude in all her glory rent Monster's Ball she shows her pubic hair, breasts, and she even has a tattoo on her ass.
If you want to see Halle's breasts Swordfish is the movie to watch. I don't know but Berry changed in the early part of this decade. The problem for Halle Berry is the sexpot image can only go so far. Now people are sick of it. She's going to have to transition again and get back to serious acting toning down the sex appeal.


Didn't bother to see this one. It looked silly just based on the trailers alone. Although Giovanni Ribisi usually makes decent choices in his selection of roles. Can't quite say the same for Bruce Willis and of course HB. But I remember thinking that this particular trio in one film was an interesting combo... just not interesting enough for me to want to pay to see it.

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