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April 09, 2008


johnny wishbone

Interesting post. I like her. She's a GOOD actress. Not too much range has been required of heror asked of her.. but she does what she can with what she has had. Is it cuz she's fine I put up with her? "shrugs" so be it. No, seriously, I have been critical of her work in the Terry McMillan jokes, I mean movies, but again I think it was the material and not the actress. She was good in Higher Learning, I dug her in Enemy of the State, Ray.. so I say she's ok.


Who cares about Regina...let's talk about Halle again.jk
Let me stay in track so BlkAct won't ban me.lol


@ Johnny

Thanks, Johnny. I gotta see some of the pics you mentioned. I'm prolly the only one on the planet who still hasn't seen Higher Learning -- or have I? HelifIknow. I don't think so, though. LOL.

@ Shion

You funny. :) I ain't gon ban you. How could I? I just felt like yappin. LOL. We still doing Halle -- and there's lots more Halle to do.


she is a stunning girl. she seems like a gritty actress. it was a surprising performance in Ray.


@ Aulelia

I want to see more of her work.


I think Regina is a solid actress with the material she has been offered. Regina is a survivor one of the few former child stars that actually made it in Hollywood. Not a lot of people can say that. Regina has maintained her dignity and sanity. I don't know how she does it? I would like to see Regina take on a really serious and dramatic movie role though. I am yearning for Regina to get the complex roles.


@ Orville

Orville, I can only hope there's something more out there for her.

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