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May 09, 2008



So you liked this one? I have to watch it now.
I am loving this series. Good job!



@ Stacey

Thank you, Stacey. :) I'm glad you're enjoying ths series. Yep; of all the Berry films I've highlighted thus far, I think Berry is best in this one.


Did this movie make any money...?

I keep telling you guys: Knowone wants to see Halle act!


@ Jazzyphile

LMAO. Nope. Sadly, it didn't make a dime. There may be some truth to what you say, Jazzyphile. It's worth examining. Also, who da hell wants to pay 10 - 12 dollars to see some sad-somebody's-father-and-husband-died-because-of-a-senseless-murder ish?! I never have really bought (completely, anyway) into that so and so can carry a movie or can't. At the very least, it is just not that cut and dry to me. My feeling is that there are many reasons why people decide to see films and choose to pass, but that's a whole nother story; perhaps a whole nother post... someday.


This was an art film by Hollywood standards. Susanne Bier is not a Hollywood director, and I think having a female director may have played a part in giving Halle's character more depth with less focus on her physical appearance.

This was Susanne Bier's first American film and it was never meant to be huge at the box office, it was more for critical acclaim.

I think Halle is much better at underplaying like she does in this film, but most of the directors she works with go in the opposite direction and just doesn't work as well.

LaJane Galt

I really liked Halle in this. I like the black characters in general. They all came across as nuanced, supportive and human.


I think there are a couple of factors as to why Things We Lost In A Fire didn't make any money.

1. The interracial story line was a problem. In terms of marketing Hollywood thinks that if Berry is paired with white men that the movie will sell. Well this movie proved Hollywod was wrong. Berry isn't as popular with whites as she is with blacks. I think Berry has lost a lot of fans in the black community. People pay attention to the fact ever since she won an Oscar she has always had WHITE MALE LOVE INTERESTS. What does this say about Hollywood? My view is it says Hollywood is racist. Hollywood doesn't want to see Halle Berry and Will Smith or Halle with Denzel Washington because then they would say its a "BLACK MOVIE". Well what's wrong with a black movie? What's wrong with BLACK LOVE? Is Hollywood trying to say BLACK LOVE ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH?

Yes, I said it. The fact is Berry is more popular with black audiences then white. And Black movie fans don't want to see the only A list black woman always in romantic movies with white male love interests. Is this right? I don't know? But what I do know is black film fans want to see Black love on the silver screen.Why can white A list stars be paired together but not blacks?

2. The movie was released too early. It was a silly move to release the movie in October so close to Halloween. The Oscar season starts in November and December. The audience most likely forgot about this movie.

3. Halle Berry I think is a reason the movie wasn't so big. I think the public is fatigued with Berry. Berry has become a tabloid fixture and less about the craft of acting. Yes Berry won an Oscar but her choices have been strange. Things We Lost In A Fire was a good choice I think but I think the casting was all wrong.

the obenson report

Haven't seen this one either, but I plan on it.

I feel like Halle has lost much of the audience appeal she once had, and which she never took full advantage of. And her cinematic choices over the last few years certainly influenced the decline. Her name on any marquee isn't a guarantee of anything (not that it ever really was, but I think it meant a lot more to studio execs than it does now), and so I think she's going to have to work even harder from here on to attract audiences to theatres - I don't think her physical appearance alone will do that. Her choices for the next few films she does will be crucial.

I suppose it depends on the kind of actress she wants to be, or whether she wants to be known as an actress or as a star/celebrity.


@ orville, not sure how much hollywood plays into that, but i'm sure it's a lot. how ever will smith when he did hitch didn't want a black actress, because he felt the movie wouldn't crossover.


Thanks for your perspectives on all this stuff, guys.

@ Qadree

"think Halle is much better at underplaying like she does in this film"

Yes; I agree.

@ LaJane

I did, too. The whole black director thing; I'm naive. It's something I've not studied or followed -- and only know pieces about... teensy pieces.


That would be nice.

@ Orville

"Halle Berry I think is a reason the movie wasn't so big. I think the public is fatigued with Berry"

I'm inclined to agree with this and think you have a point here. And if they are, it's likely because they market her as if SHE IS THE ONLY DAMNED BLACK ACTRESS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD WORTH SEEING. So, it's like we have only one black actress and nobody, black or white, wants to see the same person over and over and over again -- even if they're brilliant. People want to see a myriad of performers, NOT JUST ONE.

Whew! Okay.

@ Obenson

"I suppose it depends on the kind of actress she wants to be, or whether she wants to be known as an actress or as a star/celebrity."

I think this is a good question to raise. I have raised it, myself. I wonder what the answer is.

@ Iris

"will smith when he did hitch didn't want a black actress, because he felt the movie wouldn't crossover."

You know, I hate to be judgemental but you gotta wonder when these kinds of statements are made and when these are the considerations, then, really, in a way, we get away from artistic expression (which is what this stuff is {ideally} supposed to be about) and only financial considerations. It is these financial considerations which make the American studio film industry suck ass. Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money.

Yeah, yeah, I know; the idea is to make money -- but still... dammit.


Thank you The Black Actor you echo my thoughts! Yes, Halle Berry is a solid actress but the mainstream media and even the black media act like Halle is THE ONLY BLACK ACTRESS IN HOLLYWOOD. Its like give me a break. Angela Bassett, and Alfre Woodard, Sanaa Lathan have all done tremendous work in the last few years. Yet all we hear about is Halle Berry. And did you hear Halle is going to play an South Asian American woman Vanita Gupta in the film "Tulia"? So now Halle is taking a role meant for a South Asian actress! I am so tired of Halle Berry. The thing is Halle Berry seems to want to be the ONLY actress of colour getting the leading lady roles. The good thing for the other women of colour is Berry is getting old and so somebody new is coming up. I hope to goodness more women of colour get the leading lady roles they deserve it.

In relation to Will Smith I do recall he was concerned about the movie "crossing over". I mean so Will is a part of the problem too. I guess making money is the bottom line for Will and not helping a black actress out. I think Hollywood is underestimating the audience. I honestly, believe people WOULD watch a black love story it something the black audience has been CRAVING for a LONG TIME. Why do people think Tyler Perry is so popular? Perry is popular because his movies promote BLACK LOVE. People WANT TO SEE THAT.


@ Orville

As always, Orville; thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)


Scary Spice,who's got a TEN TIMES BETTER BODY than
even Halle Berry's(and I LOVE The Berry!!!!!)should
be an actress.She was the only Spice Girl I could stand,plus that black U.K. lass is SOME BABE!!!!


I liked "Their Eyes Were Watching God" best of her starring roles (including Dandridge). She was so good in that movie. While I liked Things Lost in the Fire, it was tough to watch at points cuz it's just so doggone sad. "...Watching God" was tragic, too, but it was exciting, too.


@ Kimbrough

I haven't watched that one, yet. One day...

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