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May 30, 2008


LaJane Galt

Boomerang! That's when Halle had the "Halle Berry" cut...I saw so many baaaad versions of that......

The camera movements in Catwoman made me physically ill. I didn't make it through the movie. Halle was awful. I felt so bad for Benjamin Bratt (rent Pinero). She owes him big time.


@ La Jane

Girl, I memba that, too; all those bad Halle Berry cuts. LMAO


These have to be your shortest reviews ever!! :o)

I understand though... dissecting the abomination that was Catwoman would be a waste of keystrokes, so I won't bother either. I've watched it a handful of times since its release, trying to get a modicum of pleasure out of its campiness, in a "so bad it's good" kind of way, but I was unsuccessful each time. Even the fact that Halle spends much of the film prancing around in black leather tights isn't quite as thrilling as it might have been to neanderthals like myself when the film was first released! It's just a flat out baaaaaaaad movie! But it's not entirely her fault though. Everything about the production - script, direction, acting, visual effects, etc - were all poorly concieved and executed.

As for Boomerang... I remember liking it when it was released, although that was 16 years ago as you pointed out. I was 18 and impressionable. Like many other horny teenage boys at the time, I likely had "Halle moments" although she hadn't quite "blown up" yet. So, whatever I felt about the film was probably tainted and biased :o) I haven't watched the film recently, but maybe I will, now that you've mentioned it.


@ Obenson

You're right. It wouldn't have been worth the keystrokes. So true. I've always liked Boomerang. It makes me laugh. :)


love boomerang, even with questionable talent by many not just halle. catwoman the cgi was unnecessary. and weird.


Oh My Lord!!! I sit out the discussion of that garbage Monster's Ball only to pop back in for the toxic waste that is catwoman!! UGHHHH!
Catwoman was so much better years ago as a comic book!!

Boomerang was ok, I kind of liked Halle in it, mostly because Robin Givins makes my want to vomit...

LaJane Galt

I've watched it a handful of times since its release, trying to get a modicum of pleasure out of its campiness, in a "so bad it's good" kind of way, but I was unsuccessful each time.

Obenson, you are a masochist. Showgirls, it is not!


@ Iris

I know nothing about these things but couldn't they have made her jumping and prancing a bit more smoother? It looked kinda funny. LMAO.

@ Regina

LOL re Robin Givens.

@ LaJane

Am I the only one on the planet who found this pic kinda entertaining? LMAO. I think I am. LOL.


Love love Boomerang!! I love Halle's screwface at the end when Eddie bops into the office lol!

johnny wishbone

i know.. i really should just keep quiet.. but damn the torpedoes!.. I LOVED CATWOMAN!
are you guys serious? IT WAS EXACTLY what it was supposed to be.. HOT CHICK IN BLACK LEATHER ACTS LIKE A CAT.. i mean.. WTF were you expecting? an alexander dumas masterpiece? NO.. it was camp.. and damn good camp.. brain popcorn.. and i loved it.. boomerang.. she was so subdued it could have been anybody.. but she was fine.. let the backlash begin

LaJane Galt

Johnny I understand that she was hot. Really...I do...I tried to focus on Benjamin Bratt...but it got to be too much

that's why this should be so painful. Her outfit cannot obliterate that scene of her licking herself (that was way more disturbing than a train of Billy Bobs)

TBA~rubbernecking at a car crash might be a form of entertainment too...

johnny wishbone

uh.. you want me.. to say something bad.. about halle berry licking herself.. yeah.. right.. NOT gonna happen.. just NOT.. hate me if you will..


@ Johnny Wishbone

LMAO at you. :)

@ LaJane

Rubbernecking -- LMAO.

Truth be told, actually, in Atlanta I think it is. LOL.


halle was cute in boomerang, but robin givens is a bomb black woman with class and sass and unbelieveable diction...guess some don't understand that!


@ Mooremello

I always get the sense people don't like Robin Givens. I like her. And I thought she was perfectly cast for her role in Boomerang.


why would anyone feel halle owes bratt for catwoman, he was cast and paid just as she was.....


Well we never really know if the script was poorly conceived. What probably happened is too much re writing. Remember screenwriters have no say once that script is sold. I think that's why I'm more into the idea of independent film.


@ Amanda

Yes; this is true. It was a disastrous script, indeed. And yup, it is true about the poor screenwriter who has no say. At the end of the day, however, Halle Berry READ that script... I totally agree with your thoughts.


Okay, I gotta admit it -- I liked Catwoman. I think Halle did a remarkable job in the role. But y'all give her some slack -- it ain't easy following Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. AND, it wasn't Halle's fault the special effects sucked big time. It was the "putting together" of the movie that failed, not her performance. I think she did just fine.

AHHHH! Stop it... I can feel the burn from all those eyes searing my skin. Hey, it's just my humble opinion. :-P

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