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May 02, 2008



Haven't seen Gothika actually, so I can't say anything about her performance in it. It's been on cable quite a few times, but there was always something else of more interest to me. The film itself just didn't seem very appealing to be - of course based only on the bits and pieces of marketing I was privy to... trailers, write-ups, reviews, etc... I just might make myself sit still and watch it when I next catch it on cable... maybe... maybe not :o)


@ Obenson

I think everybody hated it except for me. I think it received mixed or poor reviews when it was released. My memory fails me. It ain't perfect but I found it entertaining.


Technically speaking Gothika is the "biggest" solo success of Berry's career. The movie grossed over $141 million dollars according to Box Office Mojo. In fact, Gothika is the reason Berry gets her high salary. In terms of acting I thought the movie was absolutely horrible. I think Gothika


Oh my god thank goodness you talked about the kiss between Halle and Charles Dutton! My goodness poor Halle I really felt bad for girlfriend LOL! Halle is a really actress though as she leaned in to kiss Charles Dutton! Charles must of had multiple orgasms he was so excited it was just plain gross! Yuck!


My mom HATES that kiss. We own it, but she watched it first and screamed for me to come into the room to see something horrifying--it was that kiss. LOL

I really liked this movie and wish they would have made a sequel, as it was left rather open-ended. I assume the movie was panned a bit because the movie wasn't marketed as a supernatural/ghost-type movie, but it was.


@ Orville

That's interesting, Orville. Thanks for sharing that with us. I didn't know that. Didn't know that at all. Absolutely horrible, heh? LOL.

Oh God. The kiss. Ewwww. LOL.


@ Angela

I haven't even finished reading your comment and I'm LOL at you and your mother. LOL.

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who liked it. :)


Haven't yet seen the movie.


That kiss was the scariest thing about that movie.


@ Jalilimaster

I figure it's worth taking a look at.

@ Brigitte

You know what? I think you're right. You are right. LMAO.


i hear her next roll she gonna be ball


@ Rawdawgbuffalo

She'll, no doubt, wear it well.


I did see the movie (against my better judgment!) and I must say I actually liked it. It wasn't fabulous but it was pretty entertaining, and she was kind of believable in the role.
Not a bad flick...
For her!


@ Regina

Yeah, Regina; that's pretty much how I feel about it.

LaJane Galt

I'm going to watch this just for the kiss. Y'all are killing me over here!!


@ LaJane

Sure you wanna do that? It ain't pretty. LOL.

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