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June 06, 2008


johnny wishbone

nothing to see here folks.. in both cases.. move along now please


@ Johnny Wishbone

Yep. LOL.


This is prescient; I literally had written on my blog just before checking on here that Sam L. Jackson put the performance of his life in JF!

I think Jungle Fever is a classic film. And I wholly disagree [politely] of course. I think Berry was very good in it considering she was not a main character. Sure, she could never touch Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis, the quintessiental black couple, especially @ that moment when Dee is in the kitchen and just claps lol, love that moment but I do think Berry was good for the part she was there.

But Gator ? Just classic!

Clint Eastwood has been slagging Spike Lee off in today's Guardian btw

LaJane Galt

*shuffles like Gator* BLAM *slumps to the ground*

I was wondering if you were going to address Vivian!

I never saw RMW, and I'll be honest, I probably won't.

But I'd do Clive Owen.


OMG! I NEVER knew that was Clive Owen! What the heck?


@ Aulelia

You can always disagree here, Aulelia. :) Re Samuel L. Jackson -- what a funny coincidence. LOL. Yeah, I saw some of that back and forth with Lee and Eastwood. I didn't tune into it too much but I read a paragraph or two. I guess my appreciation of Lee's talent and success is diluted by my contempt for his treatment of women in his films (which is well-documented in the Spike Lee category of this blog). Because of this, my view of him and anything that comes out of his mouth is jaundiced. So, I didn't give a shit about his yapping, bitching or moaning. I'm prolly being childish. So be it. LOL.

@ LaJane

Yeah, LaJane, I think it's the kinda thing you watch on a cable re-run while you're cooking or ironing or some ish. I wouldn't make a special effort to see it. It was okay. Clive Owen -- he is a cutie -- those eyes. :)

@ IW

I guess that was before he "blew up." LOL.


Both movies were whack nothing really to say. Next moving right along.


I didn't see RMW, I love Bruce but I don't love Berry so my no love won out on this!
JF was funny, I hate Snipes and Spike so the movie was already tainted for me but Jackson and that little dance he did was hysterical and I think Halle was very good as a crack whore!


halle berry can't act


@ Luis

LOL. I think many people share this sentiment.


@ Uggs. Nope. None taken!

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