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June 23, 2008



Do what you must. The rest of us will pick up the slack in your absence ;o)


Please do, Tambay. I know you will. :)




Hi The Black Actor I love your blog and do whatever you think is best for you! We all arrive at a time in our lives when we have to make decisions that are best for us! Do you girlfriend!


@ IW

Yeah; I'm bummed about it, really.

@ Orville

Thank you, Orville, for your kind words of support.

LaJane Galt

[sigh] Do what you need to keep your life in order.

They waited until your back was turned....



@ LaJane

Thank you, LaJane for your supportive words. Thanks for the link, girl.

As far as pimps, we looooooove muthafuckin' pimps. There are so many other fuckin worlds we never fuckin explore. Fuck it.

Whew! Better now.


Actually, I saw American Pimp. I thought it interesting and entertaining.

And that's it.


Hey there! Just checking in! I pray that all is going well with you.


@ Regina

Hi Regina!! That was sweet of you. I'm still alive...

See you're still busy over at Family Seasons. Glad all is well witcha.

Ima post... soon. :)

Mes Deux Cents

Awwwww, I was so looking forward to reading your blog again! But I completely understand. I hope that you are enjoying life and I know you are out there being successful.:)


@ Mes Deux

LOL. I just visited your blog and left a comment and then I figured I'd check my blog e-mails. And I saw your note. Thanks for visiting Mes Deux. I won't repeat here what I've already said there.


I can relate -- as my blog sits barren for lack of time to nuture it. Mainly, my problem has been topics; some days I want to talk politics, other days I want to bash people, and so on. Then I decided, who cares... now I have no time for it.


@ Kimbrough

I deeply regret not being able to blog here (right now). I so miss the community that was built here. :(

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