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January 13, 2010



I LOVE the Rock! Who is now just using Duane Johnson (I liked him better as the ROCK!!) He wore a tutu in The Game Plan which was actually a pretty good movie.
But anyway this is now MARCH 2010!!... Are you coming back or what??? I am going through my blogroll today deleting old dead blogs but I can't delete this one yet because I KNOW YOU WANT TO COME BACK!! Just do it!!! (Plus I want your take on the PRECIOUS & BLINDSIDE debacle!!!!!! yes this is supposed to entice you to come back...)


Hiya, Regina. I just don't know what to do about the blog. I'm keeping it, and I am returning to it. I just don't know when. Working full time, plus school is overwhelming. There's just no time. I'm sick about that, really. Sigh. Thank you for checking in wit me. :) I do have thoughts about Monique's Oscar win, etc. but... I haven't seen Precious because I had no desire to. I expect I'll watch it at some point, though. I hope all is well with you. :)


COME BACK ALREADY.. or at least hire some help *HINT* and yes i shall be more open minded about some issues .. *sigh*


Hiya Johnny. Been a minute, eh? Hope you've been well over this -- YIKES -- last year or year and a half -- :( Running the blog is impossible now. And, I'm definitely not going to post crap. So, I'll post nothing at all. When my benefactor or winning lotto ticket presents itself and I don't have to work full time, I'll be back. That, coupled with the the demands of school, and other related endeavors make it impossible to publish in a way that I'd want to. Oops. I'm rambling. But you are more than welcome to guest post here, Johnny. I don't check the stats regularly, but people still visit, but (and I'm sick over this :() the community that was established here (I miss that desperately) may no longer exist, and it would take time to build it again. But you are more than welcome to guest post. Feel free to send me your copy, and I'll throw it up (if I still remember how) and you will be credited as the Writer. Guest posts are welcome. Nice to hear from you Mr. Wishbone. :)

Mes Deux Cents

HI! I'm glad to know you are okay. I MISS your blog so much. I understand you are busy but I hope you will begin posting again soon.

Enjoy your spring and summer and don't work too hard!



**DEEPSIGH** The year is almost over...
I pray that all is well with you! Hope your Thanksgiving was great, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See Ya next year!

Calypso Bay

I love the Rock too. post more.


yep, heeeerrrrreeeee we are almost upon another Thanksgiving! I pray that all is well with you! Be Blessed!
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